Chambers Of Hell Haunted Attraction

Saturday, Oct 1, 2022 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm


39th Best Haunt In America

Are you ready to experience New York's #1 Haunted Attraction? How deep into Hell can you venture before your end is near? Chambers Of Hell, located on Long Island, off the Long Island Expressway in Hauppauge, New York has been rated as one of the best Haunts in America! Chambers celebrates every year of fear with a total renovation to make it's experience longer and scarier than ever before. New in 2022 we have new scenes and screams, a new Coffin Ride, Brand New Escape Rooms, A Hellevator Experience, tons of photos and a new gift store.  Visit Chambers Of Hell go thru World class haunted houses, play escape rooms and then the laugh or scream in our Horror Dance Lounge!

Cinema Of Terror - Haunted House Number One
The Grimrest Theater has been a classic cinema for years showing the best of films throughout history. However two months ago a mysterious employee brought the Necronomicon to work and after reading its passages unleashed a strange and dark magic upon the theater. The Book of the Dead blurred the lines between our world and the world of cinema. Soon Monsters, Creatures and Beings were walking right off the screen and into our world. The theaters themselves also transformed into the movies they were showing. There have even been rumors of a crazed director filming real horror films in the back of the theater! Do you dare step into the world of Cinematic Horror that has taken over the Grimrest theater?

Alice's Nightmare - Haunted House Number Two
We beckon you to join us on a journey through the crooked mirror. Into a world where Nightshade crawls through the forests and mystical creatures move in the shadows. Alice has been lost for years to the madness behind the mirror and wonderland has turned upside down. Twisted Vines snatch up trespassers as the Queen continues to behead anyone who she dislikes. The roses are being painted with blood and nightmares are walking through the land. Can you survive a walk through the deadly mushrooms?

Mangled - Haunted House Number Three
Do you know what the price per pound of flesh really is? Do you want to find out? Welcome to the seedy world of the Petrova Facility. A place where for the right price you can torture anyone, anyway! Axes, Blades, Electrocution And More! Simply see the auctioneer on your way in but beware, If your checkbook isn’t big enough you may be on the menu!

Special Events
Escape The Haunt
We Have All Heard Of Escape Rooms, But You Have Never Heard Of Escape The Haunt. That’s Right, We Are Offering Guests The Opportunity To Take Part In A Heart Racing Experience. Guests Will Be Given A Map, Flash Light And An Envelope Containing A Letter From One Of The Haunts Main Characters Detailing Clues To Their Journey. Live Actors Are Lurking Throughout The Experience Making Your Experience Truly One Of A Kind.

Full Contact Experience
Our Full Contact Experiences Are Something To Scream About! This Is Not Your Average Haunted House Walkthrough. In This Experience Guests Will Enter One Of Our Haunted Attractions Where They Will Be Subjected To A Host Of Theatrical Horrors. Killers, Monsters And More Are Allowed To Physically Grab You And Bring You Into Their Chambers Where They May Perform Physical Procedures Or Simply Tear You Apart. Can You Handle Being In A Real Horror movie?

Behinds The Screams Tour
Lights! Smoke! Monsters! Cables? Welcome To The World Of Haunted Attractions. Our Behind The Screams Tour Gives Guests A Look Behind The Tattered Curtain And Allows You To See The Magic That Brings Hell To Life! Learn The Psychology Of Scaring, The Art Of Designing A Haunted House, Making New Costumes Look Old, Distressing Sets, Computerizing Screams And Monster Noises & An Exclusive Look Into Ghoul School! Our Tours Are Extremely Limited And Must Be Booked In Groups Of 4 Patrons.

Adult Trick or Treat
Candy Bars & Blood Are Only Some Of The Treats And Tricks That Await You In The Shadows Of Hell. As Adults We Often Forget The Childish Nature That Halloween Brings Into Our Dead Hearts, Well We Are Bringing It Back To Life! Make Your Way Through The Darkened Corridors Of Hell Retrieving Candy And Treats But Be Warned Of The Demons And Creatures That Lurk Abound. This Is An Adults Only Experience. 16 Years Of Age And Up.

Psycho Sports
Psycho Sports Is A High Intensity Zombie Survival Workout Program! Learn How To Army Crawl For Supplies, Make Sure Your Cardio Is Up To Speed To Escape The Undead And More! Our Zombie Race Is Your Chance To Test Your Speed And Endurance Against A Real Live Zombie! Don't Just Workout At The Gym, Come Stay Fit And Scream!

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