Childbirth Education Intensive Class

Saturday, Aug 24, 2019 from 9:00am to 5:00pm


Many busy pregnant women and their support person want a thorough birth class, but cannot do weeks and weeks of a series. We know because we used to offer this same class as a series and due to popular demand — now it’s completed in one full day. Providing parents-to-be with the same detailed  information they need, but at the convenience of of a one-time class.

Our Childbirth Education Intensive is a complete childbirth education class in Southern California that covers:
-Comfort measures during labor
-Labor and birthing positions
-Relaxation techniques
-Making Informed Decisions
-Healthy eating during Pregnancy (and Postpartum)
-Empowerment of the birth partner
-Creating your birth plan
-Gathering your pregnancy and labor support team
-Preparing for labor and signs of labor
-Stages in labor and what happens at each stage
-Medications: Risks and Benefits
-Partners: Supporting and Comforting the Birthing Woman
-Postpartum care and wellness as a new mother
-How to breastfeed your baby
-Babywearing a Newborn
-New Baby Sleep Basics
-Life after birth and becoming new parents

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