CMP As-Issued Games GSM And Modern Military Match

Saturday, May 19, 2018 at 8:00am


ELIGIBILITY: Open. Competitors who have not previously fired in either CMP or NRA high power rifle competition must complete at least one CMP Service Rifle clinic before firing a CMP Games event at ORSA. Participation enables qualified competitors to purchase rifles authorized under the CMP Rifle Sales program

Competitors may fire up to three 30-round Course A matches. These are designated as re-entry matches so that competitors may fire the same rifle multiple times if desired. To be eligible for the Three Gun Aggregate match, you must fire in the Garand, Springfield, and Vintage Military matches.

Matches 1, 2, and 3
Course of Fire: As-Issued Military Rifle Match Course A (Rule 4.5, Table 3). All stages are fired at 200 yards on the SR target.
-Sighting, 5 sighters in 5 minutes
-Stage 1, 10 shots slow fire prone in 10 minutes.
-Stage 2, 10 shots rapid fire prone from standing in 80 seconds.
-Stage 3, 10 shots slow fire standing in 10 minutes.

CMP Achievement Awards:
CMP Achievement Awards will be awarded to competitors shooting qualified scores in each rifle category; M1 Garand, Springfield, Vintage Military, Modern Military, and Unlimited Garand. Current award scores can be found in Annex G of the CMP Games rule book.

GSM Three Gun Aggregate:
Total of scores fired in each rifle class; Garand, Springfield, and Vintage Military Rifle. Competitors must fire each of the 3 rifle classes to be eligible.

Entry Fees:

$20 adults

$10 juniors

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