Dark Woods Haunted Attraction - Dark Woods Hallow-Week

Friday, Oct 29, 2021 from 7:30pm to 11:00pm


Dark Carnival in 3D

A traveling carnival camped out at Dark Woods for the winter as it toured Louisiana’s rural communities. After encountering the evil lurking in the forests the star of the show loses his marbles.

With the ringmaster away, Boogie is bringing a whole new brand of terror to the Big Top. This masquerading maestro of mischief sets the stage  with the Dark Carnival 3D. Enter Boogie’s nightmare in this 3D Blacklight Haunt. Twist and turn through hallways and rooms full of crazed clowns and other denizens of the dark. Meet his band of merry misfits and carnival creeps.

Victims will be immersed in an experience unlike any other, complete with state of the art special effects, sounds and lighting in the area’s first ChromaDepth® 3D attraction. Monsters are real and they come alive at night in the twisted halls of the Dark Carnival’s maze.

And remember, Boogie thinks mayhem is a laughing matter.

Dead Fall Trail

Dead Fall Trail, a nightmare of carnage, winding over 1/3 mile, where havoc is unleashed as guests navigate a portion of the derelict woods, falling victim to cruel creatures and deplorable killers.

Noodle, Piggy, Stumpy and Karver woke up an evil entity deep in Louisiana’s pine-hill forests. Now they water the ground with blood to feed the evil spirit from another time and place. After wrecking the boneyard and awakening spirits from generations past, the brothers’ menagerie of trapped and tormented souls leer from the shadows, waiting to ensnare the unwary traveler.

Dark Woods Haunted Attractions present an immersive themed experience with character actors, detailed costuming, realistic sets and Hollywood-style special effects.

Dead Fall Trail opens nightly at Dark.

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