Davis Film Festival - March '68

Davis Film Festival - March '68

Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023 from 5:00pm to 9:00pm


Did you know that antisemitism masked as Anti-zionism forced as many as 20,000 Jews to emigrate from Poland in the wake of the Six Day War? March '68 centers on two students, who meet in Warsaw amidst the social turmoil and state censorship of 1968. Though at first political, the young lovers take to the streets protesting against the unlawful expulsion of their colleagues from University and banned performances at the National Theatre. Hania’s parents lose their jobs in the antisemitic purge, while Janek's father (and, to a point, his mother) falls on the opposite side of the March barricade. History, politics and romance converge in a gripping and rarely told story of Jewish persecution in communist Poland.

Krzysztof Lang / Poland / Drama / 115 min.

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