Davisboro Haunted Manor Attraction

Saturday, Oct 5, 2019


Enter the creepiest MANOR ever – Where rooms come to life… and others don’t! Find yourself in need of help? We have “on call” just what THE DOCTOR ordered. If you are daring enough to survive, we invite you to the most thrilling attraction around, the “CARNEVIL” house!

We are ready to LAUGH YOU TO DEATH! Wall to wall unsettling thrills await you! Only exit will be “Beyond the Graves” where you tempt your fate in the ghostly OCTAGON and Field of Screams. This year matches no other & exceeds all your nightmares!

Come see for yourself and “dare to be scared!” Please remember … the only way out of the haunted manor is through the tunnel of fear leading to the thrilling house of “carnevil”, & beyond the grave twisting and turning in the “octagon” & “field of screams”…

C’mone And Tempt “Your” Fate – – The Manor Awaits!

Patrons asked for more… We brought more! More scare, more attractions, more screams! Double the scare, double the fright!

Haunted Manor and staff have worked hard to bring you the best scare of your life.

Thank you everyone for your attendance and we will see you on the other side

Beyond the Graves and through the Field of Screams!

All attractions require two things:
Patrons walk through and patrons bring their courage. 
For those not able to face their fears, there is a chicken out door !

Specials warning for parents: 
The Manor is oriented for adults. It is NOT a kid-style haunted house. Scenes and content are designed to scare and frighten patrons. Haunted Manor does not enforce an age limit, however, scenes within the attractions may not be appropriate for your child. Children under the age of twelve (12) will not be admitted without a parent or guardian in attendance with them. All children are different and as their guardian you take responsibility for the decision on their attendance.

The Haunted Manor of Davisboro is for entertainment purposes only. 

Each show may include loud noises, strobe lights, dark rooms, narrow passageways, moving props and projectiles. Scenes and skits of disturbing nature. This is a entertainment attraction intended to scare, startle, unnerve, and test patrons’ courage. Use personal judgement as to whether or not you can physically and emotionally handle the events within the walls of the Manor. The Haunted Manor is not responsible for physical or emotional injuries, distress, or damages to personal property.

Take special caution if you are pregnant, sick, claustrophobic, or suffer from motion sickness, heart problems or seizures. We highly recommend that patrons with these conditions DO NOT go through the attraction.

No Refunds Are Made After Purchase, However, There Are Exit Doors Along The Route For Emergency Or Those Faint At Heart.

$15.00 Per Ticket
Tickets will be available at the entrance to the Haunted Manor

Ticket booths open from 7:30pm till 11pm.
Haunt begins at dark till the last person makes it out!

For Tickets http://hauntedmanorofdavisboro.com/schedule/

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