Exhibition - Blackwater Draw in Black and White

Tuesday, Jun 2, 2020


Blackwater Draw in Black and White is our inaugural online exhibit, and will be our very first in-person exhibit outside of the museum proper at our opening on December 4, 2017, in the Runnels Gallery on the ENMU - Portales campus. While we had the idea for the online exhibit first, hoping to make our website an enjoyable visit for anyone who stumbled across it, the evolution into a formal gallery event truly occurred as a surprise to us!

It was one of those days where you're talking to someone-- or in our case, two someones-- and it just feels like you've somehow teleported into the greatest think tank ever. "What if we did this?" someone will start off. Then someone else chimes in, "Perfect, and then we can add this!" Someone else gets excited. "Oh! Or how about we have some of this!"

Before we even knew it, we had essentially planned the entire concept of Blackwater Draw in Black and White as a formal gallery show. Now, we don't want to name names, but we can blame Barbara Klapperich Senn, the Anthropology secretary, and Bryan Hahn, the Runnels Gallery manager for this. (Oops... that just slipped out...) But it's okay, we got even. Barbara Klapperich Senn is now the curator of the gallery show, while Bryan Hahn is helping to facilitate the event from pretty much every other conceivable angle. When you come see us in December, as we very much hope that you will, you will know exactly who to blame for all the awesome.

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