Exhibition - Carlos Rolón: Lost in Paradise

Wednesday, Aug 28, 2019 from 10:00am to 4:00pm


In Lost in Paradise, artist Carlos Rolón examines regrowth. In the early 20th century, both Florida and Puerto Rico saw rapid spikes in industrialization, migrations, and tourism. Both saw the rise and fall of commercial sugarcane production, tourism, industrialized agriculture, military bases, and testing exercises, with the natural landscape taking the brunt of abuses. Deteriorating beaches, draining wetlands, and clearing wooded areas made both locations more susceptible to flooding and coastline erosion.

In September 2017, two catastrophic hurricanes (Irma and Maria) made landfall, leaving trails of devastation in their wakes, and forever linking these two areas. Rolón’s new works draw inspiration from the architecture and natural landscapes that both Florida and Puerto Rico share and bring attention to nature’s unbridled ability to change its own landscape and humankind’s ability to rebuild. Rolón’s “losa isleño” (island tile) pieces break from traditional repetitive decorative design, to create new sculptural paintings that reference homes in Puerto Rico. His mirrored mosaic floral works create indestructible plant life to memorialize the native plants of Florida and Puerto Rico. This exhibition is curated by guest curator Aaron Levi Garvey and is courtesy of the Artist and Salon 94, NY. 

Exhibition Date: November 3 - October 21, 2019.

Adults $10
Seniors $6
Military $6
Students $6
Children 5 & Under Free
Museum Members Free

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