Exhibition - (dis)Order

Tuesday, Sep 17, 2019 from 7:00am to 7:00pm


Lynne Buschman and Colleen James are two artists who approach and celebrate the idea of creating art through their own distinct and differing systematic processes.

Lynne Buschman’s work spans a variety of media including bookmaking, printing, drawing, and mixed media collage. Her work is intriguing in both style and process, characterized by a methodically layered use of strong lines and shapes. For Buschman, the act of creating is her way of processing the complexities of the world; thus her work revolves around the relationship between the parts and the whole. Her work, organic in nature, reveals her internal self, as is evident in her series of works “Geometrees,” which explores her relationship with trees through an intricate use of shape and composition.

Colleen James’s aesthetic style offers an interesting counterpoint to Bushman’s. Her work focuses on abstract geometry and is inspired by repetitive patterns.  Her use of color combinations and contrasts creates a vibratory effect, accentuated by the interplay of warm and cool colors like reds and blues.  James’s process examines and meditates on the similarities and differences in each brush stroke in her work, celebrating the accidental variation of line and form as its own means of expression. This dynamic, combined with her powerful use of color, provoke thought and reaction from the viewer.

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