Exhibition - Mike Henry And Tim Shoemaker

Friday, Jul 26, 2019 from 11:00am to 6:00pm


In the strictest annotation of the word, the Oxford Dictionary defines art as ‘work produced by human creative skill and imagination’. This broad definition does not communicate the singular view or expression of the creator. How the artist interprets his subject, the tools he uses, or the elements chosen to actualize the concept all work to differentiate the intellect behind the imagining. Out of the Grey and Into the Grind examines the dichotomy of two independent artists, Mike Henry and Tim Shoemaker, addressing the same subjects from very different viewpoints and mediums.
An accomplished painter, Mike Henry focuses primarily in water media. Mike works light and fast in his chosen medium. The tools required for the watercolor artist liberate Mike to paint on location all year. Atmospheric and well considered, his work evokes familiar scenes of the city he loves, Port Huron Michigan.
Malleable, lustrous, and exacting, metal is the medium of Center Line resident Tim Shoemaker. A Master Sculptor, Tim’s work demands an understanding of form and function to represent his subject. The grinder is Tim’s brush and the texture it creates, his paint. Lucid and uncompromising, his art covers a wide variety of subjects.

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