Exhibition - Zehra Khan: Your Everyday Myths

Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022 from 11:00am to 5:00pm


Opening Reception Date: Friday, July 22, 2022 - 6:00pm

Your Everyday Myths presents the uncanny, humorous, and multidisciplinary works of artist Zehra Khan.
The exhibition displays two bodies of work, large scale drawings on bed sheets and photographs of drawings on people. Both series engage a non-traditional approach to mark making on alternative surfaces. The quotidian bed sheet that typically wraps and holds the sleepy body connects to the corporal, domestic, and intimate. Working on both sides of the sheet Khan moves the pieces from two-dimensional to three-dimensional, from collage to malleable multilayered sculpture. By painting on the actual body, an initial act of performance to end up in still photographic form, Khan transforms her human friends into animals, protagonists who cavort and play with cathartic freedom. These human to animal manifestations also illustrate dichotomies of the hazards and good of human relationships between friends, intimates, and life partners.

Zehra Khan’s work participates in home making traditions and nods to traditional textiles. She simultaneously subverts the craft by using informal mass-produced materials, like hot glue or permanent marker. In effect false dichotomies of luxury and austerity, art and craft, and form and function prevail. Khans adorning of medium to surface challenges perceptions of women’s work and the craft culture of her heritage: pioneer American and pattern heavy Pakistan.

In today’s age of mass consumption and environmental doom, Zehra Khan refreshingly repurposes material, relaying the possibility that artists do not have to spend top dollar on traditional supplies to make work. Khan’s visual breadth – drawing, painting, text, sculpture, installation, and performance is powerfully apparent in this exhibition. By reinventing subject and media, Khan reflects a playful sense of humor, and perhaps more importantly, the deeper meaning of being in our collective consciousness.

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