Friday, Dec 2, 2022at 3:00pm to Sunday, Dec 4, 2022 at 5:00pm

  $199 each weekend

________________________________________________________      _______________________________________________

A)   NEATLY PRINT last name above the line                                                         b)    NEATLY PRINT firs name above the line


C)   Circle all dates you will exhibit     (Nov 25,26,27)  (Dec 2,3,4)  (Dec 9,10,11)  (Dec 16,17,18)  (19,20,21,22,23,24)


D)   Circle the plan you are reserving.   Discount prices before September 2022.  Includes table, chairs, matching tablecloth, 8x8x space:



          $199 one weekend          $299 two weekends          $399 three weekends


        $299 two spaces one weekend                                   $499  ALL DAYS FRONT ROW ONE SPACE



E)    What space do you request?     A______  B______  C______  D______  E______  F______  G______           Tall displays on walls only.



F)    Direct Sales vendor       YES      NO    circle one,    Brand Name___________________________________________________________


G) Licensed, Insured food vendors.  What do you sell?_________________________________________________________________




H)   Paid on:     EVENTBRITE receipt number ___________________                 Money Order receipt number ___________________

       All vendors must bring paper receipt before set up.  Mall rules.




i)   NEATLY PRINT EMAIL_________________________________________________________________________________________


J) Read Rules Sign at bottom                                                                         K)   NEATLY list all items, your business, you will be exhibiting.       

        Family Friendly business, products, services, no cbd, cannabis


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