Faculty Concert Series - Dr. Eduardo Farias

Friday, Sep 27, 2019 at 7:00pm


I have chosen to perform music that shows new repertoire by composers of the US and Brazil. The majority of the works I have chosen have been written in the 21st century, which is exciting - many people in the audience will hear all the pieces from the first time and, I hope, will fall in love with them. The very name of the recital, Américas, aims to challenge the very definition of the US as "America": in many of the countries of the world, the Americas are three and one: one physical continent, from Tierra del Fuego in Argentina to the North Pole, and three political divisions - North, Central and South America. The repertoire, more coincidentally than necessarily on purpose, shows some of the different social fabric in the two ends of the Americas: Totem Voices is entirely built around North American indigenous symbolism; Cinco Sambinhas is built on the hybrid of the music of Africans and Europeans that got mixed in the state of Bahia in Brazil; Suíte Recife brings in the Brazilian mameluco (a mixture of European and Brazilian indigenous peoples) along with the African influence in the state of Pernambuco.

Concert Program:

Air de Bravoure

André Jolivet (1905-1974)

Eduardo Farias, trumpet

Amanda Stamper, piano

Totem Voices

Catherine McMichael (b. 1954)

I - Snowy wolf

II - Beluga

III - Mosquito

IV - Whale / Thunderbird

Spitfire for trumpet and string quartet

James Stephenson (b. 1969)

Eduardo Farias, trumpet

Catalina Barraza, violin

Anna Kortemeyer, violin

Daniela Cruz, viola

Brandon Cota, cello

In Fluência

Gilson Santos (b. 1977)

Eduardo Farias, flugelhorn

Cinco sambinhas

Jamberê Cerqueira (b. 1987)

1 - Ribeira

2 - Itapuã

3 - Ondina

4 - Costa Azivis

5 - Paripe

Eduardo Farias, trumpet

Amanda Stamper, piano

Suíte Recife

José Ursicino da Silva (b. 1935)

I - Andréa

II - Mida

III - Dorinha

IV - Nadja

V - Meyse

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