Fall Exhibition at Quinlan Visual Arts Center

Thursday, Aug 25, 2022 from 9:00am to 5:00pm



Autumn F. Strickland’s Bio

Autumn studied Art and Interior Design at the University of Georgia and has art featured in the collection of Governor and Mrs. Nathan Deal, Vince and Barbara Dooley, Senator Frank Ginn, St. Mary’s Hospital, and many other southern homes and businesses. She is the in-house artist for the Currahee Country Club, in Toccoa and at the Glen-Ella Springs Inn and Restaurant on Lake Rabun. Autumn teaches art workshops spring and fall in her studio in Danielsville and at her mountain home in Sautee. Her art has graced the cover of Southern Distinction Magazine, featured in many other magazines and news publications. She has shown in Highlands North Carolina, St. Simon’s Island, and many more art centers and galleries in the southern states. Autumn’s art has furnished Southern Living Homes in both Georgia and South Carolina. She is truly honored to display her
art at the Quinlan Fine Art Center.



Who Is Sam Ezell?

Sam Ezell was born in 1953 in Mebane, NC and raised in Durham, NC. Sam has 4 sisters. At the age of 16 Sam dropped out of school to start working to help his mother with family finances. He has worked in property maintenance at the Daniel Boone Company, in Hillshorough , for the past 47 years. In the first grade Sam didn’t pass any of his subjects except for art. He has never had an art class or lesson in his life. His talent is God given.

In 2008 he was asked by a folk artist friend, Bernice Sims to paint a picture to honor her recently deceased son. Sam told her that all he could paint was a wall. He tried to paint a sunflower for Bernice (her favorite flower) but couldn’t get one to look right. He finally decided to paint a vase of tulips for Bernice. When Sam gave her the painting, she it on her wall. It sold almost immediately. Sam painted 15 more tulip paintings which Bernice sold just as quickly. As the saying goes the rest is history. Since the first vase of tulips Sam has painted memory paintings, church scenes, city & country scenes, taxis, chickens, Duke’s mayonnaise jars, Mt. Olive pickle jars, Indian chiefs, historic Hillshorough homes & buildings and you name it.

In 2015 Sam woke up with cloudy vision in his right eye. He immediately went to an urgent-care clinic where he was told he had passed a blood clot. They sent him to Duke University Hospital emergency room. After waiting 10 hours he was told he was blind in that eye. There was nothing they could do for him. Before this happened, he was painting up to 50 paintings per week. After this he was not able to paint his normal folk art type paintings.

One day in frustration he threw different color paints on a canvas and then turned his leaf blower on the abstract splashes and spatters of paint. When doing this he began using large canvases, as large as 7` x 11`. This experiment progressed to geometric shapes in bright colors moving across the surface of the canvas. Now he has progressed to steel sculpture. He draws a pattern for each piece of the sculpture. He has a friend who is a welder who assembles the pieces under Sam’s direction. The first sculpture like this sold for a considerable amount of money. He is now planning others. It seems there is no obstacle big enough to stop Sam from creating.

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