Fear Farm Haunted House Attraction

Friday, Sep 30, 2022


Experience the world-famous Fear Farm Haunted Fairgrounds and Corn Maze, Glendale’s legendary Halloween event. Halloween lives here!


Chop House:

A criminal outcast has wandered into the old meat processing plant. After finding the company’s mascot costume and a freshly oiled chainsaw, the unpredictable maniac begins the hunt for the next slaughter.

Nuke Town:

A controversial nuclear testing facility left abandoned in the 1950’s has been the center of strange occurrences. Despite the shelled vacant buildings being void of life for decades, locals have witnessed slithering shadows emerging from the structures late at night. Vagrant travelers looking for shelter have found refuge within the hollow structures, but a biohazardous material left behind by the nuclear testing has mutated those beings into ravenous toxic monsters hungry for human flesh.

Legends of The Deep:

The steamship couldn’t have prepared for what was about to be unleashed onboard. When an eerie call was heard across the decks, it was as if the sea came alive and infected everyone aboard. The ship finally capsized, claimed by the sea, but the Great Old One had other plans. The steamship and its infected crew still drifts at sea with one mission- to claim as many souls as they can for their dark lord.

All Hallows Eve:

A cursed group of undead trick or treaters rise up from their shallow graves once a year on Halloween in search of blood, guts, and candy! As the fall spirit infects others, their numbers grow. All Hallows Eve is upon us.

Outcast Carnival:

After a failed carnival went bankrupt, the sideshow performers were shunned by society and took to the sewers for shelter. After years of no interaction with the outside world, the performers have become rabid and feed on anything that wanders into their domain.

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