Fear Overload Scream Park Haunted Attraction

Fear Overload Scream Park Haunted Attraction

Saturday, Sep 28, 2019 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm




The Hale house has been infamous in the town of Dreading, California for decades. The previous owners were found months after they were supposedly murdered in their own beds by a deranged killer. The husband, wife, and whole family were all found with their jaws cracked all the way open, their eyes popping out of their eye sockets, and their limbs mangled and bent in wrong directions. But it wasn’t a person that killed them. The Hale house knew the fears of the family and attacked them at their most vulnerable: in their minds while they slept. Night terrors took ahold of them. Their fears were exploited in a seemingly never-ending array of malicious situations.
In the Hale house, you are not sleeping, but you are not awake either. Soon, the nightmare becomes your reality.  Welcome to your new home. The Hale house is waiting.


Unimaginable pain is what Dr. Pearly specializes in. Most dentists attempt to make your teeth go from yellow to white. Pearly sought to cause the opposite. The mad doctor designed a toxin that, when applied to the mouth, would cause all the teeth to decompose at a rapid rate. Suffering was only the beginning for his unwilling test subjects. The most gruesome and awful looking teeth Pearly would keep for himself, ripping them from the mouth of the victim by any means necessary. He wore a necklace of his most prized teeth. Pearly’s legacies are survived by his test subjects, driven mad by the toxin they were exposed to all those years ago. Their teeth are rotten and falling out. They need new ones. And they want yours…

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