Folklore Haunted House Attraction

Saturday, Sep 24, 2022 from 7:30pm to 11:00pm


Folklore Haunted House is a prime example of a Halloween season tradition. For decades, Halloween has been a staple of a holiday, a wacky sort of celebration of many things considered nightmarish, spooky, and macabre.

For more of those things, look on America’s Best Haunts! It is a bizarre one but we do not question it because we have grown up with it and accepted it into our society nonchalantly. When we really stop to think about it, it is just a weird time of the year that the masses pretty much took to heart. But why? Probably because of all the candy. But in all seriousness, despite many peoples love for candy, Halloween just seems to be one of those seasons and holidays where you can be different, or yourself if you are with the right people. Goofy concepts that some people would consider ugly or scary are celebrated victoriously and we take it at face value. Because a time of the year dedicated to celebrating fear is a necessary holiday.

Not Recommended For Children Under 13. Discretion Is Advised


The Manor: Winters Estate

Evil has infested this once beautiful estate. Within the rotting walls, crumbling furniture, and dusty tombs, the corrupted and twisted souls of its former victims stalk anyone unlucky enough to be… caught inside. Are you ready to visit The Manor?

Maximum Overload

The mining vessel ISS Riker went missing on a mission in deep, uncharted space. Now it’s back, and you must make your way through the bowels of the damaged ship to learn the horrifying fate of its crew. Watch your back… and tread carefully, because the terror on this ship is on OVERLOAD!

Midway of Mayhem

Test your skills in these horror-themed carnival games to win prizes! Step right up and see what awaits at the Midway of Mayhem! NOTE: Game tickets must be purchased separately; not included in general admission.


General Admission: $26.50
RIP Admission: $42.40
RIP UPGRADE: $15.90    
The Last Ride: $5.30

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