Fredericksburg Greek Festival

Saturday, May 19, 2018 from 10:00am to 9:00pm


Greek Food and Drinks

What would a Greek festival be without an abundance of Greek delicacies? The Fredericksburg Greek Festival will feature a variety of seasoned & marinated meats on the grill, delectable sweet and savory pastries, lovingly prepared with traditional recipes by members of our parish. All that great food will be accompanied by a selection of delicious Greek wines, beer, coffee, soft drinks and of course, Ouzo.


Our Greek Festivals are known for their lively music, dancing and celebration. Our dance troupes of young people entertain the crowds with popular Greek dances. We encourage guests to bring their friends, clap along with the live music and even learn a new dance or two. Many of our friends join us all three days! We welcome everyone in the Fredericksburg community to join our Greek family and learn more about our food, culture and history.

Learn A Greek Dance

Greek dance has a long history and has been enjoyed worldwide for generations. Some dances have been part of military training while others go back to ancient times and periods of celebration. Popular dances include: Kalamatiano, Tsamiko, Zorba, Pentozali, Zeibekiko, and Tik. Some are performed solo, others in large groups. Fast, slow and some in between, all are guaranteed to leave you smiling!

Just For Kids

Face Painting, Bounce House and other kid friendly activities will keep little ones busy for hours!

The Kids Zone fee is $5 for the 1st child, $4 for the 2nd, $3 for the 3rd.


The Agora (marketplace) has a large collection of jewelry, clothing, art, books and authentic Greek pastries.

The Greek Orthodox Bookstore is a unique outlet to learn more about Orthodoxy as the Historical Christian Church.

Church Tours

Learn about the fascinating history of the Greek Orthodox Church from our parish priest, Father John Katsoulis.

Tour our church and enjoy the beautiful, colorful murals and learn about the interesting history of the Greek culture & the role religion has played in our history.

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