Friend-to-Friend Organizing Webinar with Summer Lee!

Tuesday, Aug 9, 2022 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm


Hosted by Summer Lee for Congress

We know what is at stake if we sit out this election cycle. The fight for our fundamental rights and reproductive justice depends on delivering a Democratic Governor and Senator in November. Our future depends on ensuring a high voter turnout in Western Pennsylvania.

The good news is we've done this before. Our people-powered movement has organized, mobilized, and moved thousands of voters reaching every block in the 12th district. We've seen what we can accomplish when we unite around a progressive candidate like Summer Lee. We know what's possible when we start engaging hundreds of neighbors to truly understand their concerns. We know what we can accomplish using our personal network and relationships to effect change.

Join us to learn about Team Summer Lee's plan for increasing voter turnout across our district. Hear from Summer Lee on why we need to bring everything we have to fight to win up and down the ballot.

Our team believes you are the greatest asset to building a community reflective of our values - including supporting union and labor rights, expanding access to health care through Medicare for All, and protecting and expanding access to abortion. We will strategize ways to efficiently engage hundreds of the people closest to you, one person at a time.

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