Fright Farm Haunted Attraction - Charity Night

Thursday, Oct 18, 2018 from 6:00pm to 9:45pm

2043 Springhill Furnace Road


Hayride of No Return:

Take a ride on the blood-curdling Hayride Of No Return as it makes its way along the twisted path through the countryside of Rich Farms. Tremble in fear as the terrors that reside in the dark emerge to chase you to your doom.


Hallowed Grounds:

As the wagon rounds the final corner to salvation, the gleaming red glow of the Frightmare Mansion can be seen in the distance. Perhaps you expect salvation when parting ways with the demented wagon driver and their band of creatures. Then you approach the gates of Hallow Grounds. A howl and a blood-curdling scream dance through the wind, and those who are their to greet you at the doors cackle at your fear. Do not let your guard down as you tremble your way through the graveyards and swamps that these maniacal residents call home.


Frightmare Mansion:

With no time to catch their breath from the Hallow Grounds, victims are welcomed into the Frightmare Mansion. If you dare to enter, beware of those who now inhabit the mansion. No longer is the estate run by human hands but is manipulated by the clawed, fanged, winged, and strange. The abandoned 3-story Mansion is brimming with hair-raising creatures who have declared the estate as their home. What lies within will make even the bravest trespasser scream in sheer terror!



It’s back! Paranoia 3.0 has returned for the 2018 season. It’s original debut in 2014 brought high pitched screams of terror from grown men who never knew they had in them. Paranoia 3.0 gives you choices between your worst nightmares. Three separate routes being introduced during the Halloween season to terrify even the most sound of mind and body. Remember, don’t trust your senses because the only thing scarier than what you can see chasing you is what you can’t.



With donation of new clothing or Pet supplies $20

General admission $25

Xpress $50

VIP tent $35




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