Gallows Dead Oak Hollow Haunted Attraction

Saturday, Oct 20, 2018 from 7:00pm to 10:30pm


Gallows Legend:
As you walk through our attraction know you’re walking on the very ground the Woodson Massacre took place nearly 40 years ago. The scenes you’ll see are real and tell a true story a story of massacre, bludgeon, and atrocity; The Woodson family had called the mountains of Virginia home for years, 13 of them,led by their father Otis and their mother Bernice you couldn’t find a family closer to one another isolating themselves from society No one knew if they actually existed, only myths passed down of rituals and bloodshed. The occasional hunter not coming home for dinner or the group of girls who wandered too far out into the woods. The locals knew the hills could talk, they just couldn’t quite understand what they were saying. As the population of rural Appalachia grew, the Woodson’s family’s grounds got smaller and smaller, and their secrets closer to being exposed. In 1978, Otis passed, and the family had enough. Evidence from the crime scene tells us that anyone who unknowingly stepped foot on their ground was slaughtered. They used their victims for rituals to bring back family members since passed, for food, and their own pleasure Some victims were made to tie their own noose all marked the same way a 'X' on the forehead. Legends passed on since have named their home Gallows because no one ever made it out alive.

September 15, 1979 the Woodson family was lost in the hail of gunfire. Brought down by the full force of the Montgomery County Sheriffs department, and a slew of torn apart families. 17 citizens and 9 sheriffs deputies were shot and killed that day. Only 8 of the 12 remaining family’s bodies were found 4 are said to be missing to this day. For over 30 years things have been peaceful in the hills of Virginia, until now. Using the same rituals taught to them by their father, Persian, Bink, Lucian and Goldie have resurrected their family and brought them back to Gallows to seek revenge and spill the blood of any foolish person who dare come to close.


As soon as you step foot on Woodson ground you’re in Purgatory Where your soul awaits to leave the flesh. Here you’ll experience things you couldn’t believe, and shouldn’t

Scarecrow’s Harvest:
Terror awaits in every corner of our labyrinth , and here it’s not the corn that’s harvested.

Massacre at 266:
Our family never sleeps, and neither will you. Experimentation to advance the human race is ital. to our existence, and we always need more rats.

Inbred Jed’s Hospitality Shed:
Jedidiah and his crew welcome any meat bagbrave enough to stop inside and tour the family business – Woodson Family Meat Co. 'Swine to die for since 1954'

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