Haunted Hills Estate Haunted Attraction

Saturday, Sep 22, 2018 from 7:00pm to 11:00pm

236 Rolling Hills Estate Road

Celebrating 15 years of unique and original haunted entertainment!

Attractions have been upgraded with special effects, including pneumatics, animatronics, sound systems, video effects, and house some of the best actors in the haunt industry. The creative themes are original and pull you into the interactivity of the show! No conga lines here, you will experience an immersive and interactive show that puts YOU right in the dead center.


J.H. Finkelstein Funeral Home
The J.H. Finkelstein Funeral Home has been abandoned, left to decay and decompose, much like their clients. Those brave enough to enter the building itself will find viewing rooms that have closed caskets and opening them isn’t recommended… This location is a soulless glimpse of inevitable death. The loved ones have long departed but the shocking truth remains. Here you will meet the deranged undertaker that claims he can bring life back to the departed. You will be exposed to a full-scale funeral parlor with all the treats related to the dead. Passing through the abandoned building is not easy; you will be challenged to find your way out. As you drift to the end, you may find yourself six feet under and at the entrance to the long forgotten dark decrepit crypt.

The Magic Chamber of Horror’s
Performing on stage magicians from the dark side to present you mind-blowing magic tricks and shocking illusions! Backstage tickets are included to view each magician’s personal dressing room. Drego, who always has a trick up his sleeve will be opening the theatre entrance every 30 minutes. Don’t miss your chance to witness this creepy magic show!

Moonlight Massacre Challenge Trail
Hay Homestead started to wither after Jack Hay was killed, but everything truly began to die the day he was brought back to life. What really happened that day no one knows. Some claim that Jack’s eccentric father made a desperate deal with the deranged local undertaker while others swear he gave up his own soul to save his son, however, everyone agrees that what happened that day was definitely something dark and unnatural. Jack came back as a scarecrow, and soon that wasn’t all that changed. Others began disappearing and coming back as scarecrows too, but unlike Jack it wasn’t really them at all – it was something else… something evil. The crops may have started to return, but now they won’t stop. They’re coming for us, and they’re coming for you too!

The mysteries cultivated in the forests and fields of Hay Homestead are as deeply rooted as the crops, yet you may still reap the secrets that will save them all and yourself – if you can survive the harvest. Come if you dare, it’s going to be a Moonlight Massacre!

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