Holiday Light Festival and Market

Holiday Light Festival and Market

Thursday, Dec 1, 2022 from 3:00pm to 8:00pm


Holiday Light Festival and Market

Join us for a fun, one-of-a-kind, family-friendly indoor festival of lights! Dazzling light gardens, glowing activities, delectable seasonal treats, and live entertainment are all in store for you at Glow.

What is Santa’s Perfect Gift?

What do you give the best gift-giver in the world?

This season, Santa’s elves are in search of Santa’s Perfect Gift!

Join Tinsel, Chestnut, Jingle, and Jangle on a yuletide scavenger hunt for the kids. And find out what will make Santa the merriest fellow this year.

Embrace the warmth of the season and feel the Christmas magic… under the twinkle of a million lights! Take pictures with loved ones, engage in glowing activities, munch on some delicious seasonal treats, and enjoy live entertainment at our holiday wonderland.

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Yuletide Scavenger Hunt

The search for the perfect Christmas gift begins!
Tinsel, Chestnut, Jingle, and Jangle are out to find just the right present for Santa this holiday season.

Every year, Santa works tirelessly and selflessly to give all the little boys and girls around the world their hand-picked presents.

This Christmas, the elves have come together to find the perfect gift for Santa to thank him for all his work.

Four elves, each with their unique gifts, began their search separately in fantastic locations:

- Silly and jolly Tinsel wants to find a gift that would make Santa smile in Santa’s Playground
- Chestnut, Christmas cheer extraordinaire, hopes to find Santa a gift full of wonder in Aurora, a land of light and magic
- Jingle and Jangle, twins and heads of distribution, sought out the most magical places – the Arctic Circle and Enchanted Forest – for the right gift.

They searched and searched, but couldn’t quite find the perfect gift for the jolliest man with the biggest heart in the world.

Time is running out, and Santa and the other elves are worried they won’t make it back in time for Christmas.

Your mission:

Help Santa find the four missing elves, hidden across the Glow grounds
When you find one, ask a nearby elf for a stamp on your game card
Collect all four and find out what Santa’s Perfect Gift is!

Interactive Features:

Engage and take several merry Glow-arounds the venue!
The spectacular light sculptures are not only great for your photos, you can interact with some of them too! Find many of these spots throughout the venue and make sure to spread the winter cheer on social.

Tunnel of Lights
Stroll through this giant luminous tunnel and under the twinkling archway – a gateway to a yuletide wonderland, chock full of delightful surprises for the whole family!

Hanging Picture Frames
Your season’s pictures just got better! Pose behind these larger-than-life illuminated picture frames and keep a photo, gif, or video as a memorabilia of your glowing time.Don’t forget to tag us on your posts with #GlowHartford and #GlowHartford2022.

Enchanted Forest
Magical creatures and magnificent flora await at these mysterious grounds (hidden elves too, perhaps?). Go on a yuletide adventure and get lost in the lights.

Northen Lights
No Glow experience is complete without taking in the spectacular Northern Lights. Interact with the hanging beams of light and strike a pose against this magnificent backdrop.

Arctic Circle
Jolly penguins and majestic whales are among the polar wildlife you will encounter in this monochrome winterscape. Could one of our missing elves also be among the visitors in this winter wonderland?.

Activities for the Kids:

Fun for kids and kids at heart
Say hi to Santa, enjoy the inflatable slide, and take your spot on the LED hopscotch and swings. These are only some of the activities that kids are sure to enjoy at Glow!

Meet Santa and the Princesses

The jolliest man is at Glow to meet and greet all the kids this season. Listen as he regales you with amazing stories from his yuletide adventures around the globe!

Meet and Greet

Interact and take pictures with the most amazing magical characters!

Santa is coming to Glow!

This Christmas, just like any other, Santa shouldn’t be missed. Say hi to the big man at Glow and wait for incredible surprises.

The princesses will also be there to say hello!

Santa Hours: 5:00pm-7:30pm

Meet the Best Winter Characters

Glow is filled with the friendliest and most beautiful princesses, capable of incredible spells and enchantments. Take your children to witness magic as the princesses say hello and sing songs.

Remember to tag us on social media! Use #GlowHartford and #GlowHartford2022.

LED Hopscotch and Swings
Swoop, jump, and tap to magically change the colours on our LED swings and hopscotch. See how the colours change and enjoy an attraction made for people of all ages!

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