Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival - Cyrano Performance

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival - Cyrano Performance

Tuesday, Aug 27, 2019 at 7:30pm


The poet with panache–and a legendary nose–plays anew under the Theater Tent:

Longtime HVSF company member Jason O’Connell leads a five-person cast as his own Cyrano, the brilliant thinker, wordsmith, and swordsman. He’s a thorny romantic with an outsized reputation and a barely-contained love for his childhood sweetheart, Roxane. Can she sniff out the truth in this sophisticated suitor’s heart before it’s too late?

A revered soldier in the French army, Cyrano de Bergerac carries a rapier-sharp wit, passion for poetry, and outsized confidence. But the wordsmith’s one weakness–his embarrassing nose–keeps him from telling his true love, the brilliant and beautiful Roxane, how he really feels about her. Roxane is desired far and wide, and when the pompous Count DeGuiche hires a no-talent actor named Montfleury to entertain her, Cyrano shows up to give Montfleury an impressive dressing down in front of the crowd. Count DeGuiche is swayed by Cyrano’s wit and offers to become his patron, but Cyrano refuses, angering the nobleman. Roxane invites Cyrano to meet her the following day.

When Roxane arrives, the poet is prepared to admit his love for her. Instead, Roxane reveals that she has fallen for a handsome new cadet in Cyrano’s regiment named Christian, and asks Cyrano to keep an eye on her new crush. Cyrano begrudgingly agrees, but upon meeting his new charge, discovers the dapper young man is as inarticulate as Cyrano is loquacious. Christian loves Roxane, too, but knows he doesn’t have the words to win her. The two men devise a plan wherein Cyrano, by proxy, will write love letters to Roxane while Christian reaps the rewards.

Meanwhile, a war has begun between France and Spain. Count DeGuiche is determined to send Cyrano’s regiment to the front lines as punishment, but Roxane petitions him to keep them at home. On the eve of battle, DeGuiche attempts to arrange a rendezvous with Roxane but she hastily arranges her marriage to Christian instead, and DeGuiche is crushed. He sends Cyrano and Christian to war in retaliation.

Months pass and, unbeknownst to Christian, Cyrano has continued writing to Roxane, criss-crossing the battlefield to hand-deliver notes. Roxane pines for her husband and finds her way to the trenches, bringing food and supplies to the war-worn battalion.

Tickets: $10 - $100

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