Humboldt Folklife Festival

Humboldt Folklife Festival

Saturday, Jul 20, 2019 at 11:45am


All day free fest

Street Stage Line Up
The J. Nelson Band
Most likely we'll play a mix of popular 60's anthems and a few of my own . At this point in time, no promises from the other dinosaurs in my group, but I'll likely have Gary Orwig on rhythm guitar, Mark Bennett on harmonica, John Von England on fiddle.

11:45am: Tristan Norton
Tristan Norton is a guitarist and composer performingamerican primitive, roots, blues, and folk music on 12 and 6 string acoustic guitars.

12:45pm: Seabury Gould and Evan Morden
Seabury Gould sings and plays guitar, bouzouki and bamboo flute. Evan Morden plays fiddle. They play Irish Traditional and other Celtic music.

1:45pm: Lone Star Junction
Fronted by the high energy performance of James McBride, (JimmieMac), Master of The Telecaster, LSJ plays a mix of country outlaw classics and original songs. We love to remake the classics in our own style that is Lone Star Junction and Humboldt County. Our unique sound combines the classic sounds of country music and a hot rod Nashville Telecaster all with a modern take on Outlaw Country.

2:45pm: Covered With Moss
Blake Ritter on Fiddle, multi-instrumentalist Sam McNeil, and Chris Hinderyckx on Bazouki and Banjo, collectively known as Covered with Moss, have been delighting north coast audiences for the better part of a decade. Hailing from Arcata, Eureka, and Trinidad, they weave together a unique musical tapestry of Celtic and Scandinavian influences on a myriad of instruments.

3:45pm: The Oyster Baes
The Oyster Baes is an eclectic folk and orchestral rock band from the Arcata area. The members are Maia Pini (vocals, rhythm guitar), Kristina Zabierek (cello), Annie Fehrenbach (clarinet/bass clarinet), Ralph Till (lead guitar, vocals), and Claire Till (drums).

Amphitheater Stage Line Up
11:00am: Chubritza International Folk Band
Jim Case - tambura, brač, guitar, mandolin, prim
Janet Finney-Krull - flute, pennywhistle, recorder, frula, accordion, brač, dumbek, tŭpan, snare, vocals

Rick Kruse - bass, violin, gŭdulka, čelovič, tambura, mandolin, banjo, vocals

Craig Kurumada - gajda, clarinet, prim, brač, accordion, tambura, spoons, snare drum, tŭpan, tsimbl mic, violin, vocals

Meadow Lo - tambura, bass, brač, čelovič, trumpet, guitar, dumbek, tŭpan, vocals

Linnea Mandell - accordion, tambura, bugarija, tŭpan, recorder, dumbek, snare, vocals

12:00pm: LodeStar
LodeStar offers "Organic, home-grown music; naturally good for you!”

Collaborating for over a decade, Linda Faye Carson and GoodShield Aguilar are the creative core of Humboldt County's LodeStar. Call it Cosmic Folk-Grass; LodeStar's original songs are pulled from a rich tapestry of life experiences and musical influences. Songs with intentional "good medicine" and stories for courage and comfort. An eclectic mix of talented guest artist's keep LodeStar's music fresh and ever evolving.

1:00pm: Johnny Kadingo
Johnny Kadingo, a legendary mythical musician, band leader and namesake.

Jeff Landen, Glen Nagy and Mike Labolle join together for a debut performance. Will play a combination of instrumental and vocal tunes. Several original compositions with a mix of eclectic rhythmic selections played with group interaction and dynamics.

2:00pm: The Bandage
We are a local, somewhat eclectic band performing all-original music that represents many genres. We use a basic rock configuration to explore folk, blues, jazz, punk,americana, funk, and soul music. We combine elements of these song forms into something that is unique and thoughtful.

3:00pm: Kenny Ray and the Mighty Rovers
Kenny Ray and the Mighty Rovers areambassadors for a bygone musical era. They play Roots Country and Honky Tonk Swing Music with an early jazz influence. Whether it’s a positive love song or one about a cheatin' heart, the Mighty Rovers play Swingin’ Dance Music.

4:00pm: The Gatehouse Well
The Gatehouse Well is a Progressive Folk quartet comprised of members Dominic Romano, Michael Dayvid, Evan Morden, and Nate Zwerdling. Based out of northernmost California, The Gatehouse Well brings a mixture of compelling songwriting, traditional fiddle tunes, and tight musicianship for a uniquely fun experience.

5:00pm: Belles of the Levee
Belles of the Levee first began when Beverly Twist (vocals and guitar) and Nola Pierce (vocals and upright bass) started playing together 6 years ago, inspired by the innovative arrangements and intricate harmonies of the Boswell Sisters. The duo has had the pleasure of working with various soloists over the years and has grown to incorporate a wide range of jazz andamericana elements in their repertoire. From slow bluesy bends in the river to wild jazzy rapids, Belles of the Levee will take you on a musical cruise into the past!

6:00pm: Kingfoot
Kingfoot plays a unique style of original Acousticamericana music blending Country, Bluegrass, Russian, Ska, African, Celtic and Rockabilly into a melting pot of great music.

7:00pm: The Yokels
Long time Humboldt County residents Steve Irwin (guitar), Glen Nagy (bass) and Bill Kerker (drums) have been playing and singing in their magical redwoods home for more than forty years. Their style is anamericana blend of rockabilly, soul, country, and rock, playing mostly original music and covers that have been reinterpreted in their own style.

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