Intensive Insulin Management

Thursday, Nov 15, 2018 from 9:30am to 12:00pm


This four-week program (one class per week) is specifically designed for residents of Chester County, PA with Type I or Type 2 Diabetes on multiple daily injections of insulin, or who are on an insulin pump. Throughout this program participants will learn to minimize the high and low blood sugar readings often associated with insulin requiring diabetes. Individuals will learn how to match insulin to food intake, allowing for better glucose control with greater flexibility. Participants currently on multiple daily injections may choose to go onto an insulin pump after successful completion of this program.
Teachings consist of the following:
-Intensive insulin management principles, including basal/bolus concept, and the proper treatment of low and high blood sugars
-Basic and advanced carbohydrate counting
-The use of insulin to carbohydrate ratios for matching insulin to food
-The use of a correction factor or sensitivity to correct high glucose values
-Prevention of diabetes-related complications
-Weekly evaluation of food, glucose and insulin records by a nurse and registered dietitian
-Communications with referring physicians

Please call 610.738.2300 for more information

Location: Wellness Classroom

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