Monday, Jul 26, 2021 at 4:00pm to Wednesday, Aug 25, 2021 at 8:07pm


28th Annual LaborFest

Join LaborFest as we continue to honor the working people who make our country and world function, and give their blood and sweat to survive the pandemic, making a new world for our future.

Film- Dark Waters (2019. 126 min) by Todd Haynes
Dark Waters actor Jeffrey Grover and others will join the panel after the film.

Dark Waters exposes the fight for a clean environment and the systemic take-over of regulatory agencies by such as OSHA and the EPA by the very companies that they are supposed to regulate. In this case, it is Dupont, but the oil companies and many other toxin emitters could easily be inserted into this story.

Environmental illnesses causing cancer and many other illnesses are ripping through our communities including at Hunters Point and Treasure Island in San Francisco, yet these agencies and the politicians who run San Francisco, California and the US refuse to hold these companies accountable.

Starring Mark Ruffalo with Tim Robbins, we see how US capitalism has allowed the polluters to run roughshod over working people and communities.

It also shows that both the Democrats and Republicans are part and parcel of the problem in fighting to protect workers and communities.

Panel Following the Film.

Jeffrey Grover, actor
Robert A. Bilott, the Kentucky lawyer portrayed in Dark Waters and others

The film starts 4:00pm
Panel starts 6:00pm

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