Lyon County Dems Monthly Meeting

Saturday, Jul 9, 2022 from 10:00am to 12:00pm



Kate Marshall
"Dark Skies" bill–SB52
NV has the darkest skies in the lower 48

"Blue Skies" bill–SB9

Small business advocacy bill-AB184
Suggests "locality pay" based on status of wealthiest individuals in area.
Stockton did $500/mo basic income in test group, $$ went back into community, less need for social services

Holocost curriculum bill; recognize Armenian genocide AB56 AB231

Working on facilitating accelerated certification to allow immigrants from other countries to offer their skillls

KM believes in redemption.Opposes death penalty

Always working on promoting savings

Housing–US becoming less diverse, overly homogenized

Douglas Dems AB88 & AB116

Tony–how do we influence school curriculum when current education is being demonized by the right?
US in very dangerous place.
KM commented on surprise respect for Liz Chaney

KM recommends reading column by Heather Cox Richardson


JW and team modeled by actions, not by talking points.
Our goal is to provide the tools; county parties should seek ways to gather volunteers.
It's about numbers
–About the number of voters we can turn out
–About the number of people we can reach
–About the number of volunteers we can attract
–About the numberof phone calls we can make and the number of doors we can knock on (circumstances allowing)

JW–week of setting up office for new team
Officially "open for business"
Meeting with county Chairs next couple days to determine needs and wants.
Promote new COVID relief package.
Create hotline to address questions, every county

JW–identify "customizable solutions" for individual counties
Joined DSA to advocate for M4A

Jacob A–Nevada can be model for the country as far as rural outreach.

*Tony S–messaging really important!!!
JW agreed
Add as module to retreat!!

Erich–DSA questions, how does it play?
JW–highlighgt community outreach

April 10, 2021

17 on call

AG Aaron Ford


2nd day on job–"All hands on deck" meeting, 400+ attendee

Justice is our job– 5 c's
Consumer protection ($45 million settled with McKenzie, opioids,nationally, AG declined; NV ended up getting nearly $49 million)
Constitutional rights
Criminal Justice & Reform
–Communities: high level of trust in gov.
–Communities: moderate trust in gov
–Communities: low level of trust in gov.
Community Outreach & Engagement
Client & Constituent Services

Officers involved in traffic stops, deescalation training, but no disarming

J Hartley–Lyon County hard right, discriminatory against D's?
AF–viewpoint discrimination against citizenry, if provable, there is recourse, possibly in the form of lawsuit

L Ratcliffe–can there be mental health responses to mental issues, rather than traditional force?
New 998 number, roll out and educate

J Whitmer–litigation in progress?
Current litigation against 61 entities, related to opioid settlements, expect to be tried next year

Erich Obermayer–at what point do armed militias become illegal?
AF–action is on a case by case basis, depending on circumstances.
Right to vote and right to bear arms live concurrently

AF–State law trumps local feelings, e.g., "sanctuary cities", not enforcing mask laws, red flag laws, etc exposes county to liability, period

KC–save the date, April 24, target 11a to 3p

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