Mortuary Haunted House Attraction

Saturday, Sep 21, 2019


The Cult Of 13: 13 Crimes of the Black Zodiac… a deceased group of homicidal mass murderers and serial killers whose crimes were so violent and disturbing, that their souls were not allowed to pass into the afterlife and remain fettered to the Ethereal Plane, an adjacent dimension to the mortal realm. They are anchored to this location by the bearer of the NecroStone, a dark necromantic artifact, where they are doomed to act out their crimes for all of eternity. You can only truly see these creatures by glancing into the Nightmare Realm while wearing the Ivory Masks of Ether, but once you’ve seen them, they can see you too! Beware those who attempt to set them free!

Box Office and Doors Open At Dusk Until.

Haunted House General Admission $30
Haunted House VIP Fast Pass $50
Haunted House Express Admission $40
Haunted House VIP Frequent Fear Season Pass $125

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