Near Death Race

Near Death Race

Saturday, Jun 12, 2021 from 6:00am to 12:09pm

660 S Slate Canyon Dr

The Near Death Race and runs across the Bonneville Shoreline Trail to Rock Canyon Park. Participants will run their sandbag and drop it off with one of our representatives near Rock Canyon Park. The participants will then run back along the same path to the finish line near the entrance of Slate Canyon Park.

Participants cannot use a bag to carry the sandbag. Music players are not allowed while running. If your sandbag arrives at Rock Canyon Park ripped with a significant amount of sand out of the bag then a 45 min penalty will be added to your time.

6 runners will start at a time (this will limit congestion on the trail). As race day approaches you will receive an email indicating your starting time. When every participant has finished the course we will hold an award ceremony. The fastest man and the fastest woman will be awarded $1000.

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