New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Saturday, Oct 9, 2021 from 10:00am to 8:00pm


Now in its 19th year, the New Living Expo is the Place to go for information on getting healthy, happy, and less stress. We offer a multi-faceted learning environment, the Expo includes three full days of fascinating Lectures, Workshops, Special Events,  best-selling authors and leaders in their fields of health, consciousness, spirituality, science and a marketplace of over 180 vendors offering new developments in nutrition, brain enhancement, sustainable living, anti-aging products, bodywork, unique attire, creative jewelry, crystals and more.

Move your body with yoga or Qigong on the lawn. Get your book(s) signed after many speaker presentations.

New this year is our Conscious Cannabis Summit featuring experts in the Cannabis world.

Blessings from Producers Ken and Corinna Kaufman

Gina Covel A Crystalline Essence Experience - Room 4
Lisa Barnett WORKSHOP Access the Akashic Records to Clear Karma & Heal Trauma - Room 5
Rev. Michael Beckwith SPECIAL EVENT Soul Awakening and Inner Fulfillment - Room 6

Lai Ubberud Direct Past Lives - Room 2
Birgit Lueders Open your Eyes Toward Your Unique Self - Room 3
Dr. Ravi Ratan Chakras, Numbers & Planets - Room 4

Dr. Christopher Toren Soar with Your own Clairvoyant Psychic Abilities - Room 2
Stephen Feig Super Digestion – Healing Your Gut - Room 3
Maureen Perron Transmission – A Meditation to Help the World - Room 4
Deborah King SPECIAL EVENT Understand Your Cosmic DNA: Fulfill Your Soul’ - Room 6

Robin Blanc Mascari Live Younger – Affordable Stem Cell Activation - Room 1
Nick Delgado Fit or Fat, Vegan or Keto, or Hormonal - Room 2
PANEL Natural and Integrative Approach to Health and Longevity - Room 3

Kristin Grayce McGary The Power of Prevention Through FBCA - Room 1
Kaitlyn Keit Mini Playshop with Vibe Gift - Room 2
Marc Allen The Magical Path: Creating Success with Ease - Room 4
Freddy Silva WORKSHOP Lost Lands and Ancient Architects - Room 5

Lori Grace Tantra and Sexual Energetics - Room 1
Zadok ‘Ra’ Tesla, ET Technology & Epoch Lasers - Room 2
Dr Joel Wallach Dead Doctors Don’t Lie - Room 4
Marianne Williamson Special Event Love and Power - Room 6

Keith Morey Reverse Chronic Illness & Heal - Room 1
Sue Whittaker CBD & THC: More Power Without More Chemicals - Room 2
PANEL UFO Report Disclosure + Discovery Reveled - Room 3
Alex Young Healing Harmony - Room 4
Dannion Brinkley WORKSHOP What Dying Teaches You About Living - Room 5

Rupam The Mouth- A Gateway & Diagnostic Tool to Health - Room 2
Volunteers for Tatyana Mickushina What the Ascended Masters say About America - Room 4
David Wilcock SPECIAL EVENT Ascension and Disclosure: Reaching Critical Mass - Room 6

Cathy Gabrielsen Dying to Live: Surviving A Near Death Experience - Room 1
Dr. Rulin Xiu, Ph.D. The Science of Oneness - Room 2
Daniel Sheehan WORKSHOP The Green New Deal & The New Paradigm - Room 3
Gregor Maria The Diamond Sword of Light of Archangel Michael - Room 4
Kimberly Meredith SPECIAL EVENT All You Need is LOVE Medical Medium/Healer - Room 5

Single Day General Admission - $20
Two Day General Admission - $30
Three Day General Admission - $35

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