New Living Expo

New Living Expo

Sunday, Oct 10, 2021 from 11:00am to 7:00pm


Now in its 19th year, the New Living Expo is the Place to go for information on getting healthy, happy, and less stress. We offer a multi-faceted learning environment, the Expo includes three full days of fascinating Lectures, Workshops, Special Events,  best-selling authors and leaders in their fields of health, consciousness, spirituality, science and a marketplace of over 180 vendors offering new developments in nutrition, brain enhancement, sustainable living, anti-aging products, bodywork, unique attire, creative jewelry, crystals and more.

Move your body with yoga or Qigong on the lawn. Get your book(s) signed after many speaker presentations.

New this year is our Conscious Cannabis Summit featuring experts in the Cannabis world.

Blessings from Producers Ken and Corinna Kaufman

Dr. Richard Kunin The Key to Beating Disease: Methylation and Blood Flow - Room 1
Sanjay Nimar Science and The Miraculous Power of Your Own Thoughts - Room 2
Mark Rolando Rosales Quantum Earthing - Room 3
Elizabeth Wilcock WORKSHOP Ascension and The Sacred Stand - Room 5

Tracey Ash Flipping The Timelines, Smashing False Matrix - Room 1
Joseph Ernest Martin Lightworkers Facing the Dark Side and Winning - Room 2
Steven Halpern, Ph.D Entrain Your Brain with Mindful Healing Music - Room 3

David Gibson How Sound Healing Works - Room 1
Dennis Adams Stepping into Consciousness - Room 2
Andrew Collins WORKSHOP Denisovan Origins and The Cosmic Genesis of Humankind - Room 3
Laura Eisenhower WORKSHOP DNA, Disclosure & The Great Awakening - Room 5

Henry Yaita The Reason We Are Here: The Golden Age has Begun 2021 - Room 1
Dr. Catherine Athans Developing Your Skill - Room 4

Cheryl Pierce Entrepreneurship and Spirituality - Room 1
Kitty Wells Cannabinoid Cuisine: Eating for Pleasure & Health - Room 2
PANEL Ascension 2021 – A Year of Acceleration - Room 3
Corin Grillo The Angel Experiment - Room 4
Udo Erasmus WORKSHOP The Greatest Tool for Transformation - Room 5

Bernd Friedlander Energy, Longevity, & Avoiding Diseases - Room 2
Lori Grace Keeping our Brains Healthy & Avoiding Cognitive Decline - Room 4

WORKSHOP Ascension Training for 2020 – A Year of Acceleration - Room 1
Mytrae Meliana The Divine Feminine Way for Healing, Love, & Magic - Room 2
PANEL Sound for Healing - Room 3
Lori Grace WORKSHOP Resolving Conflicts with Compassionate Communication - Room 4
Brandy Gillmore Ph.D. WORKSHOP How to Get Rapid Healing Results! - Room 5

Single Day General Admission - $20
Two Day General Admission - $30
Three Day General Admission - $35

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