Opening Night: Fear the Woods Haunted Attraction

Friday, Sep 27, 2019 at 7:00pm



The Haunted House
Enter the House to unravel what lies within the decaying walls of a little girl’s closet. Her paranoid nightmares and visions desecrate what’s left of the line between actuality and your insanity.  Victims of merciless testing, warped minds and unknown fates await anyone that is discovered inside. Don’t let the demons of her “imagination” find you as you navigate the twist and turns of her never-ending nightmares.   Giving into her will only cause your own horrors to pursue you and cause you to be stuck between her deranged world  and your last hope of survival.

Terror Transport and Haunted Trail
Your last ride on the Annihilator will foolishly give you an euphoric feeling right before you meet your eternal demise on the Trail.  This soiree will only last for a mere moment and then vanish into the night once you have been dropped off into complete darkness.  Deep within the woods rest the Farmer’s darkest secrets.  Beware of what lurks in the mine shaft or what members of the Skinner family wait to feast on the unlucky souls found in their part of the territory.  All visitors hear their relentless calls, but few live to talk about it.  Make your way through the obscure illusions and pray that you don’t fall victim to the creatures awaiting your entry.  If you wander off or look away too quickly, you may fall victim to the inhabitants of the woods who devour the screams of those who can’t run fast enough.  We hope you don’t make it alive.

Test your survival skills with this LIVE ACTION KILL Experience! Do you think you have what it takes to survive The Apocalypse? This is a chance for you and your partner to attempt to avoid a fate worst than death!  Severed limbs of the infected people have become toxic waste and it’s your job to stop the rapidly mutating virus in the field.  This mission is extremely dangerous and not everyone makes it out alive.  This OUTDOOR first-person shooter video game experience combined with a real-life interactive walk through is the only Haunted Attraction of its kind in Georgia. Will you be good enough to keep you and your partner alive?

Opening night is Ladies Night! Combo tickets are 1/2 priced for females. To get the discount, tickets will need to be purchased at The Fear the Woods location. There is no way to purchase tickets with the discount online.


Pandemic: $20

Haunted House, Terror Transport and Trail: $25

Combo: $35

**Combo Ticket includes: Haunted House, Terror Transport, Haunted Trail and Pandemic.

Monster Protection: For those too afraid to go through, we offer a way to make things less scary.  Purchase our “Monster Protection” for $5 at Admissions to keep the monsters away. 

**Note that this does not guarantee that a monster will not jump out at you.  This form of protection guarantees that the person wearing it will not be targeted and others in the group will still enjoy scares.

Time: 7:00 pm – Midnight

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