Six Flags New England - Fright Fest

Saturday, Sep 21, 2019 from 12:00pm to 10:00pm


Haunted Attractions:

If you get lost, no one can hear you scream. Only the bravest of souls dare to enter our haunted mazes. You'll be blindsided by darkness as you find your way through the labyrinth, all while being hunted - never knowing what is around the next corner. Are you ready to face your worst fears.

Nightmares: Do you dare enter into the realm of Nightmares as the Boogeyman taunts you with your deepest fears. All new for 2019 this indoor maze piles on the phobias and bad dreams at every twist.

Midnight Mansion: Around the turn of the 20th century, Lord Vincent Fostus, an eccentric tycoon, moved West after rumors of a dreaded curse tarnished his family name. He built a large mansion on the top of a hill in the Western town of Tombstone TerrorTory, where he enjoyed entertaining his elite and eclectic group of friends. In no time, tragic accidents started to regularly occur, and although many people loved Lord Fostus, many blamed him for the downfall of the town. One day, the town revolted and Lord Fostus was murdered, despite his best efforts to hide away within his mansions’ many secret passages and rooms.

Slasher Circus 3D: Step right up! You won’t believe your eyes. Freaks, fools and ghouls surround you as you travel around this sideshow of sickly sights. Wearing special glasses, the effects of this strange attraction will surprise you around every corner.

Terror Tales: Those innocent fairy tales you grew up with as a child have a way of turning on you in the Wicked Woods.

The Aftermath - Zombie's Revenge: Hells Gate State Park has fallen to the recent zombie uprising. Hunt or be hunted.

Scare Zones:

There is no leisurely stroll during Fright Fest. Terror isn't confined to Haunted Attractions. The ghouls have spread into the streets to greet you as you make your way to your next fright. There are zombies and ghouls lurking in every corner just waiting for you. Stay Alert.

Undead Alley: The fight for immortality is going to cost you your life.

CarnEvil: Step right up and feast your eyes on terrifying curiosities and oddities from the far reaches of the Earth.

Tombstone TerrorTory: Renegades, Revenge, and Retribution.

Slaughter Hollow: Olde New England was rampant with mysterious killings and colonists going missing after the appointment of a new Governor. Only the desperate and the brave dare set foot in the pumpkin patch after dark.

Demon District: Take a short-lived stroll down 666 Lucifer Lane. There’s an old abandoned industrial district along the banks of the Connecticut River.


Never before has Six Flags offered so many different live performances during Fright Fest. Our Fright Fest shows will leave you howling for more.

Hells Belles: A journey into enchanted woods leads a young woman to an abandoned manor. A book beckons her to cast a spell releasing demons and their Queen from confinement. Will the demons turn on their Queen – or capture our hero and make her one of their own. This musical revue is full of song for the strong-hearted and has demons dancing for their lives.

The Awakening: Mayor Slayer arrives to reign over Fright Fest and calls forth demons, monsters, ghosts and ghouls to join him in celebrating the nightfall.

Mort's Used Coffins: Mort is digging up business again and wants you to be part of the show. Head on down, 6 feet down, to Mort’s Moonlight Madness sale.

Midnight Uprising: When the clock strikes midnight – the bell tolls for those long lost to this world. Rhythm and vibrations rock the graveyard as old bones stir and awaken. There’s chaos at the crypts as the undead rise for a dance and lighting spectacular.

Academy for Gifted Ghouls: Get your broom sticks, wands and potions ready to join Malek, Trixie and new-comer Betty to help complete their final exams and magical projects. Earn your own Monster Diploma as part of the study group so you can all get to the graduation party.


We're known for pulse-pounding coasters that deliver intense thrills all season, but these rides ramp up the fear during Fright Fest.
-SkyScreamer Backwards
-Pandemonium Zombie Coaster
-Voodoo Vortex
-Terror Twist
-Rage in the Cage

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