Six Flags New England Haunted Attraction

Friday, Oct 13, 2017 at 6:00pm

Route 159, 1623 Main Street


The Aftermath: Zombie's Revenge: Deputy Lynch was patrolling the grounds of Hells Gate State Park after a few campers reported hearing vicious growls that were perhaps a rabid animal, or worse, the return of the undead. Ever since the outbreak years ago that was quickly eradicated, every Park Ranger has undergone training and has been issued weaponry for the sole purpose of routine zombie hunting. Lynch stopped by the Outfitters Shop to grab some gear. Suspiciously, all the windows were broken, ammunition boxes were thrown about and footprints led towards Lake Take-A-Dip, where he could hear the rumbling of screams in the distance. Suddenly, a fist punched through the wooden wall and soon another from the other side. Running out of the cabin and into the nearby lodge, Deputy Lynch could hear a horde running behind him. As he hid inside, he held his breath hoping the creatures outside would leave… until he turned his head to see his boss, Ranger Redmond, freshly bitten and slumped over. Deputy Lynch, like many of the staff of Hells Gate, were once our trusted hunters… but now, they are the hunted. The zombies will have their revenge. Which side will you end up fighting for?

Midnight Mansion: Around the turn of the 20th century, Lord Vincent Fostus, an eccentric tycoon, moved West after rumors of a dreaded curse tarnished his family name. He built a large mansion on the top of a hill in the Western town of Tombstone TerrorTory, where he enjoyed entertaining his elite and eclectic group of friends. In no time, tragic accidents started to regularly occur, and although many people loved Lord Fostus, many blamed him for the downfall of the town. One day, the town revolted and Lord Fostus was murdered, despite his best efforts to hide away within his mansions’ many secret passages and rooms. Paranormal historian Ellie Crane recently took a trip into Tombstone TerrorTory to collect some artifacts for further study back East. Pushing herself through the overgrown vines in the garden graveyard, she made her way into the root cellar, which lingered with the sickly smell of rot, and then climbed up into the formal dining room, where plates hovered and glasses clinked in mid-air. Soon, a small girl in a glowing pink dress came skipping by. With a sudden scream, she pulled Ellie through a wall and into a cave that led her past an art gallery, where not only eyes followed her, but the portrait of Lord Fostus himself seemed to gesture to the gaming parlor next door. After weaving through the dark, musty cavern walls, Ellie began to feel her pulse quicken. Her ears began to ring and her head pounded. Something awful was happening to her as she descended deeper into Fostus Mansion. Finally, the tiny girl came to a stop outside of two large, oak doors.

The child quietly stepped up to the doors, looked back to Ellie with a single finger held up to her lips, and then knocked twice. After a moment the doors slowly creaked open, and the girl sprinted away laughing. Before she could comprehend what had happened, Ellie let out an ear-piercing, blood-curdling scream. She screamed and screamed and screamed. She's still down there, you know. Just screaming at whatever is behind those doors. Maybe you'll fare better than Ellie... Maybe not.

Wicked Woods: Welcome to Happy Valley! Est. 1809. Population: 666. Greg Seymour saw a flyer stuck to his Jeep seeking a few recruits to join a group of paranormal enthusiasts on a nature hike just a few miles up the road. An amateur ghost hunter who was new to the area, Greg decided to take a chance at meeting some like-minded friends. When he arrived at the meeting point, a crowd of other curious and anxious travelers were corralled into groups, all packed with gear that was well-beyond Greg's level of expertise. He knew these guys were the real deal. After traveling down a weathered path for what seemed like hours, the group found themselves standing in the midst of an old, abandoned town called  Happy Valley – a simple community once known for its mining, farming and nuclear power plants. Mountains of rusted barrels remained piled up and strewn about, their contents still dripping into the Earth. As they wandered into a barren field, they saw a lonely, tattered scarecrow that stood nailed to large wooden beam sprouting from the ground. A hush fell over the group as they carefully maneuvered around it, almost as if trying not want to wake it from a slumber.

Once they were a distance away, Greg felt a sudden inclination to look over his shoulder. He felt he was being watched. It’s not what he saw that scared him, it’s what he didn’t see. The scarecrow. Darkness was falling, and fast. They were surrounded by a dark wood when suddenly a sharp cry rang out from the group. Before he realized what had happened, Greg saw one of the group members swaying from a noose more than six feet off the ground. His eyes followed the rope up high into the branches. That's when he saw it: The scarecrow. "RUN!" He screamed to the group. Greg sprinted away to hide behind a large oak tree as the group scattered throughout the brambles. Now separated from his party, Greg crawled into a hollowed out tree trunk and waited. All he could hear was the faint rustling of leaves, his own heartbeat and a series of percussive SNAPS!


After some time, there was silence. When he thought the coast was clear, Greg peered out from the tree trunk. He saw nothing but bodies, all swaying in the light breeze, each with a noose around their neck. Before he could let out another breath, he felt his body lifting from the ground as his lungs began to collapse. So many people forgot about what made Happy Valley so infamous. It wasn't the mining disasters, the famine or the increasing rate of birth defects due to biohazardous waste - it was the Wicked Woods.

The Forgotten Laboratory: Voted #13 in Genetics and Bioengineering Research. Once a prestigious institution in medical research, this long-forgotten facility deep within Wicked Woods has seen its fair share of tragedy. Some years ago an "accident" of sorts occurred after a bioengineered being turned on some of the lab's research assistants. Throats were slit, bones were broken and bodies strung up throughout the halls. It was a grisly affair, to say the least. Eventually, the facility was shut down due to the fact that their "experiment" has gone both wrong and missing. Now, years later, a group of hikers on an overnight excursion stumbled upon the abandoned lab. "Shall we?" Said Mark, the lead hiker, as he gestured to what resembled the entrance. The hikers talked amongst themselves, some shook their heads in excitement, others were a little more hesitant. "Oh come on!" He mocked. "It'll only be a few minutes." "You won't even last that long," said Sara. She was the only hiker who absolutely would not go inside. "Oh yeah?" Mark playfully taunted, "we'll all prove you wrong."

So, their curiosity got the best of all but one of them, and when they crossed over the facility threshold they had no idea they would also be crossing over to their deaths. Sara was confident she was being pranked when she heard the screams coming from within the building. She peered through the shattered glass window to see nothing but darkness, however, she could make out a sound apart from the screaming. It was a guttural, terrifying roar. It wasn't human, she thought. She leaned in closer, and as she did she saw one of her fellow hikers crawling towards her. It was Mark. As he came towards the light Sara saw that his body had been ripped in two; everything below his waist was gone... Only a trail of blood followed, along with his disemboweled intestines, which snaked and bounced along the dirty floor as he crawled closer. "Heh-heh-hell..." He stuttered. "Hell-puh. M-m-me."

All Sara could do was stare in horror. She offered her hand through the window to the dismembered man. Suddenly, two plumes of hot steam shot from the darkness behind him, followed by another one of those deep, horrifying grunts. Her arm shot back, cutting it on a glass shard jutting from the window frame. "I'm so sorry," she whimpered as she backed away, "I-I have to go. I can't help you, I'm so sor-." "NO!" Mark roared. "Puh-please, don't go!" Sara, clutching her bloodied arm, ran all the way out of the Wicked Woods and onto the nearby road where she flagged down a driver. She was taken to a hospital, where she shared her stories with the nurses, who snickered to one-another as they left the room. Sarahas shared her story with many, in attempts to have the facility searched by the authorities, but not a soul believes her. Do you? Will you prove her wrong?

Slasher Circus 3D: Step right up! You won’t believe your eyes! Freaks, fools and ghouls surround you as you travel around this sideshow of sickly sights!  Wearing special glasses, the effects of this strange attraction will surprise you around every corner! The warped organ chimes could be heard cranking from over the hills. Beams of colorful lights broke through the fog calling from the distance for any curious and courageous folks to visit. With tickets in hand, Ed, Joe and Annalise eagerly pulled open the curtain and stepped inside the carnival tent. Immediately they were greeted by the ringmaster, whereupon the shrill shriek of his whistle, a line of crazy clowns paraded out to greet their new guests.  Although it seemed like a fun and comical time at first, as the trio ventured deeper amongst the alleys of freak performers, the scenes became more twisted and tragic. Ed could have sworn he saw the clown's smiles grow bigger and their teeth grow sharper, and Annalise said she could feel the walls closing in. Joe didn't think much of it, but he thought he could smell blood. The group collectively decided to turn back, opting to leave without a refund rather than continue any further.

However, when they turned around there was nothing but a wall. No hallway. No alley. No exit. Panicked, they turned again, only to be confronted by another wall. Annalise began to scream, but before she could make a sound a gloved hand shot from behind to cover her mouth. A wicked laugh erupted from behind each of them, and then the lights went out. By the end of the show, our friends have not necessarily chosen to run away with the circus, but the circus has definitely run away with them.

CarnEvil: Step right up and feast your eyes on terrifying curiosities and oddities from the far reaches of the Earth! This sinister sideshow carnival is home to clowns, jokesters, and freak-show wonders who all live for the thrill of fear, and they've broken out from under the big-top. Their years spent entertaining are finally over, and they're coming for you. Prepare to be taunted, tortured, and terrified by the monstrosities of CarnEvil as you weave your way through this shocking scream-scape. Keep on the lookout for Creepshow Freakshow to witness real live feats of danger and disgust performed by the Cavalcade of the Odd.

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