Skydive Ultra Run

Skydive Ultra Run

Saturday, Jan 26, 2019 at 7:00am


The runners that are not skydiving (run only events) start at the posted times for their distances. Skydive runners start have suggested start times but will likely change as we get closer to the event based on weather, wind, final jumper counts, clouds and more. Be attentive to emails and facebook posts leading up to the event and be prepared to hurry up and wait. If patience isn’t one of your strong points, this probably isn't the race for you.  We will organize the plane loads by your race event distance grouping. It’s critical that I start the contestants with their running group. Please don’t ask to be grouped with a friend in a different event/distance. I will be marking the course on Friday around 11am-1pm. If you're in town and would like to join me, I would enjoy the company. There's only a few turns and the course will be well marked. I dare you to get lost

7:00am - 100m   
7:30am - 100k
8:00am - 50m
9:00am - 50k  
10:00am - 26.2m 
11:00am - 13.1m 
12:00pm - 10k 
5:30pm - Beer Mile 1

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