Someone Else's House

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 8:00pm


Obie Award-winning multimedia artist Jared Mezzocchi has a harrowing story to tell: his family’s frightening, true-life haunting inside a 200-year-old New England house. Flip the switch, light your candles, and prepare yourself (as best you can) for this first-hand story of terror with the latest interactive production from the Geffen Stayhouse.

Due to mature content, children 12 and under are strictly prohibited.

The Backstory

By Jared Mezzocchi

This is my family’s true story. The house you see in the “broken mirror” picture is an actual photo of the property taken just before a series of terrifying events began to unfold there. These occurrences took place before I was born and I’ve spent my whole life frightening my friends at bars and around campfires with the tales.

But during this past year of complete isolation, I’ve found myself digging deeper into my family story-- aligning my family’s memories with the actual history of the house and its previous inhabitants. I had no idea how much there was to unearth, and I now hope to tell it from an entirely new perspective. I want to release my family from the decades-old anxieties that they still hold-- and I think I might be a step closer to achieving that.

I hope that audiences find themselves both thrilled by the haunted nature of the experience, as well as able to appreciate mortality, family, and the undeniable need for ghost stories amidst such a challenging time in the world.

How It Works

Audiences of up to 40 households will be mailed a haunting kit ahead of their show date. The shipping box can be opened, but the haunting kit is not to be opened until instructed during the show.

Audiences are encouraged to create the mood for their ghost story environment: light some candles (safely), turn off the lights, close the blinds, etc.

This production will use the Zoom video conferencing platform. Audience members will “check-in” to their show up to 30 minutes ahead of curtain, and may be asked to interact with Jared. Please be prepared to share your video at all times.

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