The Flavor Experience

The Flavor Experience

Wednesday, Aug 21, 2019 at 7:30am



Location: Served in the Atrium, seating in Rose Garden

8:30am - 8:50am: Opening Jet Talk
Jet Tila

Location: Grand Pacific Ballroom

8:50am - 9:20am: Dual Migration
Colleen McClellan - DATASSENTIAL
Jack Li - Datassential

Two of our largest consumer demographic groups have started entering new phases in their lives and are essentially changing the food landscape. Datassential will step us through these changing times, discuss the impact on the dining scene, and uncover the path for successful menu innovation.

Location: Grand Pacific Ballroom

9:20am - 9:40am: Street-Level Trends: Part 3
Gerry Ludwig - CEC, Gordon Food Service

In his wrap up presentation, Chef Gerry will recap the year’s findings and preview many of the dishes that will be served at the final day’s lunch.  BUT WAIT…..this is a session you won’t want to miss, as we will also be distributing the much-anticipated Flash Drive that the Flavor Experience Team and Gordon Food Service provide attendees each year – containing nearly 200 selected plate presentations with complete descriptions and pricing, and over 150 pages of menus, all from Gerry’s most recent External Research trips.

Location: Grand Pacific Ballroom

9:40am - 10:20am: Mix and Mingle Networking Break

Location: Grand Pacific Ballroom

10:20am - 11:20am: BEVERAGE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES: Optimizing Your Beverage Menu and Putting Trends into Action
Phil Wills - The Spirits in Motion
Tony Pereyra - The Spirits In Motion

Non – Alc and Low – Abv has been a common topic, but how many of us are actually taking action with the trends? With the constant growth of these categories, there’s an exciting pulse that’s disrupting our beverage menus with more exciting beverage innovation – expanding drink menus with more Culinary inspired Non-Alc cocktails, to a well balanced stirred Low-Abv cocktail, and so much more. Operators are beginning to understand that this trend, may be a lifestyle choice as well. The Spirits In Motion; Tony Pereyra and Phil Wills, are seasoned vets and experts when it comes to Bar Operations, Recipe Innovation, and elevating the Guest Experience. In this session you will taste the discussed drink trends, understand how to inspire and optimize your Non-Alc and Low-Abv category, Cost Analysis and Profit Margin, and how maximize the relationship between the Beverage Director and Executive Chef.

Location: Salons 1/2/3

Sous Vide – Expanding Opportunities
Neville Craw - Arby's Inc.
Michael McEwen - Dunkin'
Bryan Voltaggio - Executive Chef/Co-Owner of: AGGIO, Lunchbox, Family Meal, RANGE, and VOLT

It’s here to stay and an even bigger Wave of the future. How does the use of sous vide allow your business to create/ offer products previously unavailable due to traditional cooking methods? Find out the answers and then put them to use!  

Location: Salons 4/5

Connect with Gen Z
Donna Hood Crecca - Technomic
The youngest generation of diners is already influencing the restaurant scene. More than Millennials 2.0, Generation Z demonstrates its own unique preferences around flavor exploration, craveability, health and tech in the dining experience. Engage with current Technomic research to understand how best to connect with this increasingly influential and important generation.

Location: Grand Pacific Ballroom

Trends Round Table
Cathy Nash Holley - Flavor and The Menu

In this popular session, Flavor and The Menu’s Cathy Nash Holley will lead a lively, interactive roundtable discussion on trends. Attendees will participate in an open-forum discussion of food and beverage trends having an impact on menu development in the coming years. Attendance limited.

Location: Cardiff


Location: Service in Atrium and Pool, Pre-seating in Rose Garden and Palm Court

12:20pm - 1:20pm: The Future of Whole Foods for the Whole Person For the Whole Planet: Where Does Added Sugar Fit?
James Painter, PhD, RD - The University of Texas, Health Sciences Center at Houston, Brownsville Campus

With nutrition experts seeming to be at polar opposites, what is the consumer to think? Paleo adherents say it is meat that provides the benefits, while vegans say it is exactly the opposite, meat is the problem. The low fat diets propose that fat is the problem, while the keto diet are  fat friendly. And all these diets show health benefits. What is the answer? What if fat levels and  protein source are not the main issue? Dr. Painter will address how product manufacturers can position themselves to meet the needs of future consumers in the arenas of whole foods and added sugar.

Location: Grand Pacific Ballroom

1:20pm - 2:00pm: A Candid Flavor Open Discussion with the Audience
Gerry Ludwig - CEC, Gordon Food Service
Jet Tila
Cathy Nash Holley - Flavor and The Menu

Location: Grand Pacific Ballroom

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