The Hill Has Eyes Haunted Attraction

Friday, Sep 30, 2022 at 6:00pm


45 Acers and 60 minutes of Sheer Terror.

4 haunts for the price of One!

Failed Escape: Milwaukee’s Haunted Trailer Park

Wisconsin's Scariest Outdoor Haunted Attraction Has No Escape for the Living

Long before the military walled them away and before the more serious side effects started developing, some of the trailer parks’ residents sought help from the outside world but were shunned by the Milwaukee area public as mutant freaks. Spurned and ashamed, the hillbillies fell into despair. Some went mad. A few couldn’t deal with the physical and mental changes the toxic waste caused and killed themselves. Others knew they must adapt and learn to survive on their own, disavowing the world which betrayed them.

Their new society formed around one man, The One with Many Faces. They say he peeled the shredded skin from his own skull when he saw what his once beautiful face had become. Now, he collects scraps and pieces from every year’s harvest to recreate the face he once had. An eyelid from him, a cheek from her... He sews these bits together, turning his face into a mockery of the outside world and a mosaic of the people he now leads, the people he has made his own. The mutants fear and hate him as much as they fear and hate themselves, but they know he watches over them. He saw you when you walked in. That old scarecrow you passed? Perhaps you should take a second look…

Junkyard Ray welcomes every new crop onto the grounds. There’s only one way out of this haunted location: straight through Ray’s infested home. The lucky ones are eaten first, while the rest are kept alive only for the amusement of the mutant hillbillies. They’re chased, captured and caged like animals until they, too, are harvested. Those who live the longest suffer the worst fate of all: as they linger in the toxic landfill, their minds begin to warp until they are affected by the hunger. Many cages which once held two prisoners are later found with only one.

When you reach your final destination, make sure you tell ‘em Ray sent you.

Hunger Hollow: Milwaukee's Haunted Woods - No Death like Undeath

Haunted Woods Wisconsin Fear Junkies Can't Get Enough Of

Deep in the chemical soaked woods surrounding the Milwaukee landfill, the mutant cannibal hillbillies abandoned their last shred of humanity, giving in fully to their hunger for human flesh. When you stumble into Hunger Hollow, you’ll see the captured skinned alive, butchered and eaten before your eyes, assuming you’re lucky enough not to be an appetizer yourself. Don’t be dessert, though, because the butcher is always trying new ways to serve up delicacies carved from living victims.

In Hunger Hollow, you are either feeder or food. The mutants recognize one another by their shared ravenous hunger for flesh. Those who don’t partake in the feeding frenzy are taken, strapped to the spit and picked apart as they roast. The mutants like their meat “still kicking.” Will you foolishly try to save your own skin, abandoning your humanity and joining the abominable feast? You can try to run, but what you find next will rob you of whatever faith you have yet remaining.

At last, the deepest depravity of the mutants is revealed. Rising in defiance against a god who could have allowed them to suffer their tortured lives, they turned to the abyss. The wretched mutants stared deep into it and found the bottom of the abyss within themselves. The Devil rose among them and demanded they sacrifice to him the souls of their human prey. The scraps of their bodies bathed in fire, the cursed dead find no rest here. They rise once more as zombies in waking undeath, doomed to roam the grounds, demonically tied to the land for eternity.

There is no escape from the haunted woods of Hunger Hollow. To enter is to become like them, forfeiting your humanity either willingly or by force. All souls are offered freely to The Demon and all exits lead to his realm.

Carnivore: The Devil’s Carnival in Wisconsin

Milwaukee's Haunted Circus Is the Best Halloween Event in Wisconsin

Step right up, step right up to Carnivore, the devil's carnival, held right here in Milwaukee! Come on in, you’ve already paid the admission with your soul. Follow the taunts of hell’s carnival barker and see if you fall to the depths of freak show. Don’t be scared, you’re one of us now.

Get comfortable and enjoy yourself, because you’ll be spending eternity with the Devil’s carnies. Meet homicidal Siamese twins, fire breathing freaks, even the spawn of Satan himself. Your sense of reality will warp as you pass into the midway. Show you’re not the pipsqueak you look like and ring the bell at our feats of strength, but don’t let the head get mouthy when you come up short.

The Devil has given us this playground, and he brings us new toys to play with every day. They hop off the Scare Lift and obediently come straight to us, one after the other. You should see how happy the geek is to rip their heads off with his mouth. The way they squeak when the knife thrower splits their eyes will fill you with a kind of satisfaction you never knew in life.

Embrace the freak inside and become one of us. Inside the Carnivore, pain brings so much joy!

After a final trip down the midway, you come at last to the end of the terror on The Hill. You’ll start to recognize some of the outside world. There’s the Umbrella Bar, just like you remember it. You might laugh at yourself or your friends for being scared. You were never really in any danger, were you? Don’t be so sure of the reality you’re taking for granted.

Even after you leave, they’re still watching. Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you’ve escaped. You will always belong to them. The Hill will always be there, and The Hill Has Eyes!

Contained And Led To Slaughter: Wisconsin’s Gateway to Terror

Wisconsin's Best Haunted House Leads All Visitors on A Containment March To The Entrance

Bureaucrats in the Government decided it was in their best interest to cover up any evidence the trailer park ever existed in Franklin. “Elections!” they said, “Poll numbers! Focus groups!” Some thought a parade would distract the people long enough to forget the hillbillies ever existed. They needed a solution to hide them in plain sight and not haunt them on Election Day.

The Government walled the mutants inside their trailer park and established a permanent guard, the 666th Infantry Brigade. Certain time would solve their problem and do the job they were too gutless to perform themselves, the politicians established a strict protocol. Soldiers chased all civilians away from the site and required anybody coming near the gate be contained to prevent them from knowing how to lead others back (or, more likely, which way to run).

It wasn’t enough. Residents of Franklin, Oak Creek and Greenfield began to report unusually high numbers of unexplained disappearances, lead some to suspect the trailer park.  Walling up the trailer park hadn’t stopped the mutants from slipping in and out to collect living food from the nearby communities. Even some of the guards had gone missing, forcing the Government to make a secret pact with the mutants, a pact which satisfies the mutants’ cannibal hunger and protects the neighborhoods nearby.

Some call the solution barbarous, but most recognize the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Every fall harvest, brave “volunteers” stream onto the grounds. Some are tricked into joining by the promise of seeing “Wisconsin’s Scariest Haunted Attraction.”

Volunteer or not, once they enter there is no turning back. In exchange for the annual supply of fresh meat, the mutants agree to stay walled up inside their wasteland. Contained and herded to the gate, the volunteers are handed over as the food source the mutants need to survive. Remember to wear your running shoes; these cannibals like to play with their food.


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