The Story behind the Art Annual Artists Group show

Monday, Sep 16, 2019 from 10:00am to 8:30pm


If you’ve ever looked at a piece of art and wondered how it was made or what inspired its creation, the September gallery exhibit at Plainsboro Library will provide the opportunity to find out. At the library’s Annual Artists’ Group Exhibit, approximately 25 participating artists from the West Windsor-Plainsboro area and beyond will share a little background about the piece they enter. Accompanying each piece of art will be written remarks explaining “The Story Behind the Art”, this year’s exhibit theme. Theshort commentaries may focus on the materials used, the artist’s technique, or the thoughts that drove them to create the image.

Untitled, by Bhagyashri Guhagarkar, was inspired by the enormous blown-glass flowers by Dale Chihuly, a work installed at the Bellagio Hotel lobby’s ceiling in Las Vegas. Using bright acrylic color, Guhagarkar creates her textures with rectangular metal scrapers. Elaine Rosenberg created her collage,Trashed, with recycled materials, including plastic bags, wraps, and balloons, which were fused together by heat. Nature is the source of many of the artist’s inspirations, includingAleksandra Seletskaya’s The Lake (watercolor on synthetic Yupo paper) and Murali Sappa’s lake scene in oils. In Donna Senopoulos’ Shadows,the intent of the piece was to explore shadowy textures made by sunlight through tree leaves, using watercolor medium on heavy rag paper coupled with leaf prints from alcohol-based inks.

The artists share their thoughts and opinions as well. Lavinia Kumar’s Immigration, a semi-abstract depiction ofdisembodied legs in a barbed wire funnel,represents people seeking immigration to the US and the dangers they face. A Journey, an acrylic by Sandhya Modi which was painted with a palette knife, was inspired when the artist heard family members chanting spiritual lines to Buddha on behalf of a sick friend. The images of the Buddha and the monk remind us of “the ultimate journey one has to take.” Marcia Kiplinger paints a scene from a beach in Rio de Janeiro, where she grew up, that holds special memories. The artist explains, “…I painted it in [my Dad’s] memory because he loved going there…I also spent many summers at that beach and I had a near death experience there that has  pretty much influenced how I lived the rest of my life. As we get older we start to look back and reminiscence on all those places that were important to us. Places that you didn't realize at the time, places and moments that were shaping you as a person.” Other pieces include Susan Freeman’s three dimensional mixed-media “memorial” titled Selma, and Sweety Mehta’s brilliantly colored painting of a rainy day with its myriad of reflections.

The Plainsboro Library Artists’ Group is open to all area adult artists, professional and amateur, and provides an opportunity to critique artwork of all mediums, as well as a chance to network and collaborate. The group meets on the first Monday of each month at 6:30 pm in the library. The library sponsors this exhibit on an annual basis.

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