Wicked World Scaregrounds Haunted Attractions

Friday, Sep 20, 2019 at 7:30pm


3 Haunted Attractions, Food Vendors, In Line Entertainment, Fire Pit, Photo Op's, DJ Booth, & Gift Shop


Nightmare Haunted House

Sarah has a power.  A power to bring her dreams to life.  But her power has become twisted. Her father used to abuse her and that has imprinted on her.  She killed her parents and the state decided she needed to be hospitalized. They sent her to Mercy Hospital.  She spent 8 years there, and went through a couple of doctors. The whole time, her power was changing and corrupting the hospital.  The staff didn’t know who was altering them and their patients, but just witnessed the havoc it was creating. Dr. Drizz took Sarah on as a patient.  Some think he was trying to help her, but others thought he had more nefarious plans. Once he realized the corruption was coming from her, he sent her back home with a nurse to Cedar Grove.  Since she has been home, her town has slowly started to warp and twist into how she envisions it. Normal people have started to change into her strange version of them. Cedar Grove is being corrupted and so are the visitors.  Will you be twisted into one of Sarah’s NIGHTMARES?

The Hunted

General D. Kay has one goal, to make the ultimate war machine.  For a few years he tested with reanimating soldiers.  The problem with those machines was that they would quickly decompose and couldn’t hold up to the barrage of war.  Too many bullets flying their way and they would lose body parts.  Then the General had an idea.  To create the ultimate soldier, you had to have the proper pieces.  He began messing with soldiers DNA.  The soldiers were coming out quicker, stronger and with tougher skin, but it was messing with their minds.  Their minds couldn’t keep up with the changes that were happening to their bodies.  Then one escaped.  He has freed all the other mutants, and they have taken over Fort Greenwall.  We need your help to try and get this under control.  Can you battle them, or will you become.. The Hunted?

Valley of the Dead

Earl Piper owns the gas station on the outskirts of the Cedar Valley.  After recovering from freak accident involving a cracked fuel line that severely burned the right side of his body weird things have started to happen...  He claims to see people from the other side, people that have yet to crossover.  Some people believe something has caused those who have died to remain entrapped in the area, their souls cannot escape, and Earl can see them.  He also claims that with his new found “Sixth Sense”, he can see places that are thin enough that people can pass through, allowing the living to walk amongst the dead. 

Timing: 7:30PM-12:00AM

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