Winter Concert - Susan Gibson

Wednesday, Mar 27, 2019 at 8:00pm


Susan Gibson

Tickets: $22

Anyone who meets singer-songwriter Susan Gibson will know immediately that her family is a core foundation in everything she does, from the songs she writes to the tour routes she takes.  Whether it’s hearing her stories from the stage at one of hundreds of live shows around the country each year or sitting in on a songwriting workshop with her, you will hear Susan speak of her family. It’s her mom Nancy Gibson who inspired the title tract of Susan’s latest EP, “Remember Who You Are.”  Susan says, “My mom said that her mom always used to tell her and her sisters, “Remember who you are" every time they left the house.  Susan would find it in notes in her lunchbox “and written halfway into journals that I hadn’t written in yet.  She would write notes to us on banana peels with a toothpick and the words would turn brown – like reverse invisible ink.  She was an awesome mom. We were lucky to have her as our constant.”

A song that Susan penned at her parents’ kitchen table while in college has been a cornerstone of her career as a performing musician and songwriter.  “Wide Open Spaces” was written as a college kid’s cry for independence, but after the Dixie Chicks made it the title track of their 1998 debut, Gibson’s song has been woven into the family stories of countless people setting off on their own.

One of Gibson’s roads lately has taken her down a road that is once again influence by her Mom, a beloved 3rd grade teacher in Amarillo, Texas.  Gibson has added songwriting workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions to her touring schedule.

Optional pre-concert fixed price dinner served at 6 PM. Menu: Lamb stew with roasted root vegetables, butternut squash and fingerling potatoes. Wedge salad topped with radishes, red onions, cherry tomatoes, crispy bacon and Roth Kase buttermilk blue cheese dressing. Chocolate Mint Cake.

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