Bob Davidson Wants Your Pledge to Rise Above the Plastics

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If you see a grown man covered in plastic bags, don't think he's crazy or a homeless person trying to stay warm. Go over and introduce yourself and find out what he has to say about the perils of our plastic bag habit. Bob Davidson is a retired lawyer working to raise awareness about the negative environmental impact of single-use plastics. Those bags we're bringing home from the grocery store and the water bottles we're toting around may sometimes get reused, but rarely get recycled and even when they do the non-biodegradable materials are sticking around for years and causing some real problems for the earth. To help educate the community Bob is taking a multi-pronged approach. He works with community and business leaders, he speaks to people offline as the 'bag monster' and he's even set up a Facebook page called Rise Above Plastics for Ventura County. Bob's work has inspired others to get involved and show their support, like this young man demonstrating the number of bags the average consumer will bring home in a year. He also wants people to take the Plastics Pledge and for each of us to do our part by reducing, reusing and recycling whenever we can. But mostly, he wants us to find a way to rise about the plastic.

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