Chris Willden Acts Quickly to Save the Lives of Trapped Children

All Hero Nominee AmericanTowns Hero

Two children are alive today because of the quick thinking and heroic efforts of former police officer Chris Willden. Willden was the first on the scene when a car skidded off the road into an icy river, trapping an adult and three children inside. The adult driver of the vehicle was able to escape, but was struggling to free the children inside, when Willden entered the water. Neither the driver (the father of two of the children) nor Willden could get the doors or windows to open, so Willden pulled out his service revolver and shot out the window as he had been taught in training. Two of the children appeared lifeless, while one had found an air pocket. Willdren freed the responsive girl by cutting her out of her seat belt and was busy with his wounds when he heard the sound of cheers from the side of the river, signaling that one of the children had been revived. It wasn't until later that he would learn that both of the unresponsive children would be revived en route to the hospital and would eventually recover from their hypothermia and terrible ordeal. Thanks to Chris Willden's quick and heroic efforts, and those of the other people who stopped to help, two children's lives were saved that day.

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