Emily Elliott: Gave Frogger A New Leash On Life

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When an animal is injured you can usually find people to help, but not all of them will go to the lengths that Emily Elliott did. After joining a group of concerned citizens trying to retrieve an injured dog found in a center median of a busy highway, Elliott took the animal to nearby vet who diagnosed the dog and indicated the need for a surgery to sustain his life. His injury was thought to be the result of being thrown from a car and he had a fractured vertebrae that would not heal unless he could be operated on. The only problem was the costs associated with the operation were estimated at $8,000—a substantial sum likely to be a burden for any pet owner, but this wasn't even her pet! Elliott knew she needed help, so she turned to the local pet community, including Furry Face and Doggie Protective Services, an organization Elliott is associated with. Word spread quickly offline and on and the story was featured by The Huffington Post, which supplied the multiplier effect needed to reach their financial goal. The dog (who Elliott named Frogger) came through the operation okay and with rehabilitation now lives a happy life with a new family that Elliott helped find. She gets regular updates about his progress and while she will never forget the sad day of his tragedy, she is happy for his new "leash on life" and the awareness his story has brought to local animal rescue organizations like the Redlands Friends of Shelter Animals which Elliott helps to support. Do you know someone who goes out of their way to rescue injured and abused animals? Nominate them for next week's AmericanTown's Heroes.

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