Harry Corre: Cares for VA Patients

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At 90 years young, Harry Corre has seen his share of good times and bad, including more than three years as a prisoner of war during World War ll. He saw the horrors of war first hand as a young solider, captured during the Battle of Bataan in 1941. After managing to escape into the jungle and swim to safety, he was captured again when Corregidor fell, spent a year in the hospital and another year and a half working in dangerous conditions in a prison camp coal mine. When finally rescued, he weighed less than 100 pounds. These days Harry offers his time and support to fellow veterans as a patient advocate in a local VA Medical Center. He also serves as an American Ex-Prisoners of War coordinator and has worked in various capacities since 2006, helping with paperwork, finding resources from the VA system and offering his compassion to anyone who needs a boost. In Harry's opinion, there is a shorthand that takes place between veterans who have experienced so much, but who sometimes find it hard to share. It's his mission to help them find a friendly face and warm handshake to help speed their healing and get them on their way. Do you know someone who suffered a life-altering experience that spurred them to devote their time to others? Nominate them for next week's AmericanTown's Heroes.

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