Justin Miller: Encourages Organ Donors

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Justin Miller is a life coach, you know, one of those people who gives you the information you need to live a healthier, happier and more productive life and he's someone who walks the talk. Miller is living proof that nutrition, fitness and a positive outlook are a powerful combination. He's also an inspiration in many ways, including an effort to encourage the people he meets and those who visit his website to become organ donors. The reason Miller is passionate about raising awareness about organ donation is a personal one. Two people close to him (a relative and a family friend) both died, but because they were organ donors their death brought life to others and it is this thought, Miller says, that helps sustain the loved ones in their perpetual grief. Wanting to honor their lives and their commitment to others, Miller promised to inspire his friends, fans and followers to consider becoming organ donors. His personal focus is on living life without limits and he's serious about getting people off the couch and onto the road toward wellness. Miller chose 100,000 people as a goal, albeit a lofty one (there are currently close to 123,000 people in need of organs), but you can help by sharing this link to where you can register with your state to become an organ donor. Do you know someone who inspires others to live their lives to the fullest while helping others? Nominate them for next week's AmericanTown's Heroes.

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