Mark Horvath's Birthday Wish Helps the Homeless

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You may have heard of some crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter where people can post a project and others can volunteer to fund it, but did you know there are people doing the same thing to raise money for charity? One such person is Mark Horvath and he's been doing it for a couple of years now. Doing what? Making his birthday wish a productive one that helps raise awareness of and money for the homeless in our communities. Mark Horvath is the founder of Invisible People. He started the organization in 2008 to help raise awareness for the needs of the homeless. In addition to his work with Invisible People and the work he has been doing on a documentary about the work of Invisible People, he also undertakes a personal fundraiser for his birthday. His goal this year is to raise $10,000 for the homeless. In the past two year's efforts, he has used the power of social media to raise $12,567 to help fight homelessness. Mark Horvath feels that homelessness is a problem that is solvable and he wants your attention and your help. By donating to Invisible People you are helping the homeless in your own community. You can learn more about the mission of Invisible People on their website and if you'd like to make Mark's birthday wish come true, here is a link to where you can donate: Do you know someone who decided to take action to raise awareness for a pressing problem in our society? Nominate them for next week's AmericanTown's Heroes.

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