Nick Vujicic - No Arms. No Legs. No Worries

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You may have seen or heard about Nick Vujicic. His inspirational videos have been winging their way across the Internet lately. He's an amazing individual whose journey to the discovery of his purpose in life hasn't been easy. In fact, you might say it's been nothing short of miraculous. Born to healthy parents with no history of disability or deformity, he came into this world with no arms or legs. His early life was filled with sadness and self doubt and even cruelty from the other children he was so different from. But Nick found a way to go on and managed to learn how to do so many things we all take for granted in new and unusual ways. He gives credit to his mother who lobbied long and hard to have his local school outfitted to accommodate him, which led him to become one of the first to be integrated into a mainstream school. Because of his amazing will, courage and perseverance, he managed to triumph, even winning over classmates to become school captain and ultimately, at this point in his life, going on to become a motivational speaker who inspires people around the globe to think differently about their lot in life. "Nick wholeheartedly believes that there is a purpose in each of the struggles we encounter in our lives and that our attitude towards those struggles can be the single most effective factor in overcoming them." If you have any doubt that someone so challenged can lead a normal and happy life, you need to watch this video. It's guaranteed to move you. Nick talks about how he never thought he would have a normal life, including a wife and how he has managed to overcome the surprised looks he gets from people, in part, with his humor and positive attitude. One of the most touching things Nick says in the video is that while he may not be able to hold his wife's hand, if she ever needs his support, he can hold her heart. What a story and what an inspiration. Nick is truly a hero for our times. We all have so much to be grateful for ... so much more than we know. You can learn more about Nick at his website -- Attitude is Altitude: No Arms. No Legs. No Worries. And at Life Without Limbs.

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