The Holy Rollers Send Bandages Overseas

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The Holy Rollers are not a religious group or a new band. They are a group of women wrapped together by a common bond and that is to help supply bandage rolls to be used by injured individuals all over the world. The group was started by Susie Ardouin in 1988 and to date they estimate they have provided more than 20,000 bandages to 35 healthcare partners they work with internationally. The Holy Rollers meet each Friday morning to roll bandages from hotel sheets that are no longer perfect for use in hotels like The Four Seasons (so you know they're good sheets!). The women slice the sheets into strips and wrap the cloths around wooden dowel rods while they chat about the news of the day. The group generally numbers around 16 and they sometimes work from home, but always with a purpose. "I do it to benefit the world, in my own way," said Ardouin. "I have for a long time done volunteer work on a local, county, and international level. We also exchange ideas as we roll bandages and enjoy one another's company." Do you know someone who came up with a great idea to ease the pain of others and has formed a group to help do it? Nominate them for next week's AmericanTowns' Heroes.

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